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SMRs: Nuclear Fad or Nuclear Future?

IET EngTalks: Future Energy

Inspired by the life and work of
James Clerk Maxwell

4 December 2017 | IET London: Savoy Place


About the EngTalk

SMRs: Nuclear Fad or Nuclear Future?

John Molyneux (photo) We firmly believe a UK SMR program presents a once in a lifetime opportunity for UK nuclear companies to be involved in the design, manufacture and building of next generation reactors for our needs at home and to access a huge global opportunity.” John Molyneux, Rolls Royce

Did you know that the government's increased investment in Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s (BEIS) innovation programme will help position the UK as an international leader in small modular nuclear reactors?

There is a revival of interest in small and uncomplicated units for generating electricity from nuclear power, and SMRs would complement the UK’s large-scale nuclear reactor programme, ensuring greater security of low carbon energy.

There are lots of pros and cons, from their environmental impact, radioactive waste disposal, nuclear accidents and high cost, to low pollution, low operating costs, reliability, and higher energy density than fossil fuels.

It’s a controversial topic, but could yield fantastic results across the board.

John Molyneux is a leading figure in SMR development. He believes in their huge potential to strengthen the UK's energy security.

He will give details of how Rolls-Royce is teaming up with a host of British engineering giants to make SMRs a reality in the UK, generating up to 40,000 high-value British jobs and intellectual property, and opening up a £400 billion export market.

Many countries are working on novel designs of SMRs and John will summarise the different technology options from around the world.

He will also cover the UK’s ambition to build one of the world’s first SMRs by the end of the 2020s, their research and development agenda, and proposed design. He will also highlight the key risks and issues in developing new product ranges from a unique perspective, with analogy to his Aerospace industry experiences.

10 minute insight

Dame Sue Ion (photo) Introducing the evening’s discussions, Dame Sue Ion will give her own special take on the main subject of this EngTalk.

Entitled ‘BREXATOM: Should we be afraid?’ Dame Sue Ion will look at the global challenges in the nuclear sector, new build and BREXATOM and what is next for the UK’s domestic industry.


Relax, network, browse the exhibition

Around 8pm, we hope you’ll find time to enjoy a drink as you meet up with colleagues and friends.

It’s also an opportunity to take a look around our Future Energy exhibition and get a sense of the range of inspiring themes we intend to explore in EngTalks to come.


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18:30 - EngTalk commences

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