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SMRs: Nuclear Fad or Nuclear Future?

IET EngTalks: Future Energy

Inspired by the life and work of
James Clerk Maxwell

4 December 2017 | IET London: Savoy Place


Previous speakers

This section provides a complete list of the past speakers. You can also find links to related media for some of the more recent lectures.

Speakers 2000 - 2016



Title of lecture


2016 Professor Eleanor Stride
Professor, Institute of Biomedical Engineering
Oxford University
Why haven’t we cured cancer yet?
2015 William Nuttall
Professor of Energy
The Open University
Britain, Nuclear Energy and the Future Slides (PDF)
2014 David MacKay FRS
Chief Scientific Advisor, DECC
Professor of Natural Philosophy, University of Cambridge
Climate, Energy Arithmetic and 2050 Pathways
2013 Professor Paul Stevens
Senior Research Fellow (Energy), Chatham House (The Royal Institute of International Affairs), London
Hydrocarbons and Depletion: Shale gas technology to the rescue Slides (PDF)
Flyer (PDF)
2012 Pilgrim Beart
Founder Director, AlertMe
Smart energy - now it's personal Slides (PDF)
Flyer (PDF)
2011 Andy Heiron
Head of Electric Vehicle Programmes, Renault
The mass market for electric vehicles - a manufacturer's view Slides (PDF)
2010 Steven Holliday
Chief Executive, National Grid
Our Energy Future: What does it look like and how do we get there? Slides (PDF)
Flyer (PDF)
2009 Dr David Clarke
Chief Executive, ETI
Power in the Economy – Affordable Engineering and Technology Solutions Paper (PDF)
Slides (PDF)
Flyer (PDF)
2007 Allan Jones
Chief Executive Officer, London Climate Change Agency Ltd
Decentralised Energy and Climate Change – 2012 and Beyond Slides (PDF)
Flyer (PDF)
2006 Stewart Saunders 
China Light & Power Co. Ltd 
Peter Terwiesch
Where be the Dragons? Slides (PDF)
Slides (PDF)
Flyer (PDF) 
2005 Sir John Mogg KCMG
Chairman, Ofgem
The Power Factor - Are Risk, Responsibility and Reward in the Right Hands? Flyer (PDF)
2004 Nick Winser
Group Director UK and US Transmission, National Grid Transco
Political Networks - Energy Networks as an Instrument of Public Policy
2003 Deiter Helm
New College, Oxford
The Energy Policy Britain Needs Paper (PDF)
Flyer (PDF)

Past speakers (1951 - 1994)

This section provides a complete list of the past speakers.



Title of lecture

1994 Dr J L Flanagan Technologies for Human-Machine Communication
1990 Professor M R Beasley High Temperature Superconductors - Prospects for Electronic Applications
1986 Professor A L Cullen Electromagnetism: Obscurities, Curiosities and Practicalities
1981 Professor R V Jones  
1976 Professor H B G Casimir Maxwell and the Theory of Magnetism
1974 Dr W Von Braun Our Space Programme after Apollo
1971 Professor H M Barlow Guided Electromagnetic Waves
1968 M J H Ponte Spatial Communications
1964 Sir Gordon Radley  
1959 Dr V K Zworykin The Human Aspect of Engineering Process
1957 Sir Lawrence Bragg The Diffraction of Short Electromagnetic Waves
1954 Sir John Cockcroft  
1951 Professor G W O Howe  


18:00 - Registration

18:30 - EngTalk commences

20:00 - Networking drinks

21:00 - Close

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