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Cyber Essentials Fundamentals 2018

Prove to your customers that your business is cyber secure

28 - 29 March 2018, London | 13 - 14 September, Birmingham

CPD 16 hours


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The IET’s Cyber Essentials Fundamentals training will give you the skills and knowledge you need for Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification, in two one-day modules.

The course is specifically designed for engineers to manage cyber security risks in your organisation, gain a clear understanding of the risks you face and learn how to implement network security measures and best practices.

The 2018 course will be co-located with the IET, PETRAS & IoTUK conference Living in the Internet of Things - incorporating two days conference, exhibition, workshops, seminars and demonstrations.


Module 1: Cyber Essentials (CE) Fundamentals for Senior Managers

Suitable for senior managers, such as Chief Technical Officers (CTO), Chief Information Security Officers (CISO), Chief Information Officers (CIO) and Supply Chain Managers.

You will learn about:

  • Understanding the security threat landscape
  • Defining the assessment scope
  • Recommended Risk Methodologies and treatments
  • How CE contributes as part of continuous monitoring and control

Module 2: Cyber Essentials (CE) Fundamentals for IT Security Professionals

Suitable for IT and security professionals, including IT Managers, Network Managers, Information Security Managers and Technical Officers and Cyber Security specialists.

You will learn about:

  • Understanding and defining the assessment scope
  • Commonly used tools – what they are good at
  • External and Internal Vulnerability Scans
  • Email Binaries and Payloads