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28 - 29 March 2018 | IET London: Savoy Place

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Tom Evans (photo)  

Tom Evans, Information Assurance Consultant, MASS

Tom is an information security professional with extensive experience of supporting a wide range of clients in the protection of information systems both through direct technical assistance and assurance advice.

His qualifications reflect the breadth of his interest in the field and include both the technical disciplines which are at the coal face of producing risk reduction and the management systems that ensure that implemented controls remain effective over time.

He has worked extensively in ISO27001, HMG SPF / IS1 and PCI DSS compliance environments as well as leading audit, penetration testing, digital forensics and incident management technical teams. His particular technical focus in recent years has been cloud-based architectures.

He has hard-won insight into the challenges on both sides of the client-consultant divide. Working client-side as a Chief Security Officer for a number of years has given him first-hand insight into balancing strategic security requirements against business imperatives as part of an executive team. His continued work for MASS gives him ongoing contact with hands-on information security in military contexts where security practice is uncompromising.

He has a strong background in secure application development and architecture which together with his security expertise has been applied across EU and UK government, third sector clients and commercial clients ranging from FTSE 100 companies to start-ups.

Glen Patrick (photo)  

Glen Patrick, Information Assurance Consultant, MASS

Glen is the Cyber Essentials Technical Lead for MASS, and has been involved in the Cyber Essentials initiative since the outset.

This speaker is passionate about ensuring that customers can protect their critical information assets in the face of an ever changing threat landscape.

As a career airman in the Royal Air Force he gained a breadth of experience across the security disciplines; providing security services designed to protect critical Defence assets in often high threat or high pressure environments around the world.

Since joining the commercial sector he has honed his skills, becoming a CESG Certified Professional in the role of IA Auditor, achieving CISSP qualification and also ISO 27001 Lead Auditor.

Putting his military experience to effective use he continues to provide information assurance services to Defence projects supporting the Defence risk management regime and with other Government and Commercial sector customers delivering high quality services such as policy development, security investigation and contingency planning advice, security awareness training and information assurance audits and compliance assessments.