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Electrical Safety Management

A structured approach to assessing and controlling your own risk

15 - 16 November 2017, London | 16 - 17 May 2018, Manchester

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About the event

What is the purpose of this course?

Electrical safety in organisations is often the responsibility of non-electrically qualified staff, such as facilities managers, risk managers or health and safety officers who have not had systematic training in how to prevent electrical hazards in the workplace.

These hazards can range from any employee or visitor being injured by malfunctioning electrical equipment through to professional mechanics and electricians or external contractors carrying out tasks without adequate instruction or supervision.

Even qualified electrical engineers may not be fully aware of all the technical safety advice available which is relevant to the job or organisation where they are working.

What is covered on the course?

This two-day course is based on the IET’s Code of Practice for Electrical Safety Management.

In-depth interactive sessions are designed to show delegates how to recognise good practice and assess how their organisation compares. Examples and case studies will aid delegate understanding.

Key benefits of attending

  • Avoid production / project costs and delays from stoppages caused by electrical-related accidents
  • Evade personal death or injury, associated costs and reputation damage from litigation resulting from poor electrical safety practices
  • Understand how good electrical safety management can identify and reduce workplace risks
  • Consider the importance of all aspects of the electrical safety system
  • Learn how to create an electrical safety management plan for your own organisation
  • Gain confidence in your own expertise to ensure that you actively reduce the risk of workplace accidents
  • Receive a copy of the Code of Practice for Electrical Safety Management as part of your registration fee

Meet the speakers

Bill Bates worked for 20 years in the electricity utility, Manweb, followed by 20 years as a Principal Electrical Inspector at the Health and Safety Executive. He was also a contributor to the IET Code of Practice for Electrical Safety Management and has practical experience applying the Code with clients.

Bill Tubey worked for Manweb which was acquired by Scottish Power in 1996. His operational engineering background in the electricity industry and extensive experience of the leadership and effective management of large multi-disciplined teams makes him ideally suited to share his knowledge on electrical safety management.

Michael Appleby is a partner with Fisher Scoggins Waters LLP Solicitors. Michael specialises in defending directors, senior individuals and companies facing investigation or prosecution for health and safety offences or manslaughter arising from work related incidents.

This includes representing clients at inquests, in appeals against prohibition and improvement notices and challenging notifications under Health and Safety Executive’s Fee for Intervention scheme.

He has also acted in investigations by the Environmental Agency and Fire and Rescue Authorities. Mike acts for clients in the rail and bus sectors, construction, ports, manufacturing, facilities management sector, waste industry and the lift industry.

What course attendees said about Electrical Safety Management:

“What I took away from this course is the importance of having an electrical management policy in place, the importance of ensuring the correct people are in place, and ensuring management 'buy-in'. There is too much risk, and no excuse, for not having a policy in place.”

“The session on the safety rules was very useful. Most of the sessions on the code of practice were very much about identifying the issues and this part rounded those off nicely by providing an indication of what can be done to tackle the issues identified.”

“The legal presentation was excellent and I think it was something that neither I nor the other delegates I spoke with had thought much about - the cost of representing oneself at an inquest or in court.”

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