FIRST LEGO League International Open Championship

21 - 25 June 2017 | Bath, UK

Image of the University of Bath 50th anniversary logo

Nine tips to help you build your social media audience

Tip 1:

Follow, like and engage with similar people and pages! Seek out and follow other FIRST® LEGO® League teams using the #AnimalAllies and #FIRSTLEGOLeague hashtags, as well as engineers, technology magazines or blogs.

Tip 2:

Make sure that you’re posting interesting content regularly! If you’re struggling to find content you can use websites such as Klout or Buzzsumo to suggest interesting titbits for you to share.

Tip 3:

If you’ve been out and about talking about FIRST® LEGO® League (e.g., your team might have delivered a school presentation, visited a local business, or might have interacted with a sponsor), mention where you’ve been or who you’ve spoken to in your update (if they have a page)! If they share your post, this will boost its reach. This can be done on Twitter and Facebook, as well as other social media platforms.

Tip 4:

If you have a website, make sure that your team’s social media details are included! Always remind people that your social media accounts exist.

Tip 5:

If you’ve got several social media accounts (e.g., a personal one and a FIRST® LEGO® League one) don’t be afraid to cross promote! Get your friends to follow you to get things going.

Tip 6:

Engage with your followers! Like and share their messages, and respond to the people that contact you! If you’re able to show that you’re approachable and that you talk to your followers, you’ll be much more likely to gain new ones.

Tip 7:

Use hashtags. There’ll always be fantastic content posted using either the #FIRSTLEGOLeague or #AnimalAllies hashtags, but you can gain more followers on the day of the final by using the hashtag with everything you post.

Tip 8:

Post photos and videos! The more colourful and creative the content, the more interesting your social media posts will look.

Tip 9:

Get in touch! Send a message to @FLLUK, or post on the FIRST® LEGO® League UK and Ireland’s Facebook page and we’ll do our best to send traffic your way.

Want more hints and tips? Visit our web page on how to succeed on social media...