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Gas turbine

GTI 2017

The EVI-GTI Conference on Gas Turbine Instrumentation

28 – 30 November 2017 | NH Barbizon Palace, Amsterdam

CPD 18 hours

Author information - submitting a full paper / presentation

Following the review of abstracts, successful authors have been invited to submit a full paper or a presentation to the conference.

Authors should submit a full paper if they want their work published.

Key dates

Author notification Friday 4 August 2017
Submission of full papers Friday 1 September 2017
Author notification Friday 29 September 2017
Author registration Monday 09 October 2017
Presentation submission deadline Monday 09 October 2017

Writing a full paper

Following the review of abstracts, successful authors have been invited to submit a full paper to the conference.

The online submission system is now open for the submission of full papers which must be submitted by Friday 01 September 2017.

Use of the full paper template is mandatory and only full papers following the instructions provided below will be considered.

Please leave enough time when writing your paper for your company or employer’s approval / review if this required.

  • Download the full paper template
  • Full papers are required for both oral and poster presentations. Full papers must be submitted using the full paper template form provided. Please ensure you read this document carefully and all text / diagrams fit within the template
  • All final papers must be submitted in PDF format according to the instructions within the full paper template
  • Your paper should not exceed six pages
  • It is essential that authors make sure all fonts are embedded and .pdf files are submitted unlocked. If files are submitted in ‘read only’ format or with security we may be unable to publish your paper
  • Full papers must be submitted by Friday 01 September 2017

Submitting a full paper

Check very carefully that all the information you have provided is correct.

Here is a checklist of what you should have provided and how to submit your full paper:

  • Access the online submission system. Please use the reset password service if you have forgotten your password
  • Click on the Edit button in the tile of the paper you wish to submit
  • Check the title is still correct
  • Browse to upload or drag and drop your full paper PDF
  • Ensure all authors are listed correctly, including the presenting author(s)
  • Ensure affiliations are correct. This is for the organisation you represent, e.g. London Power Associates Ltd. It is not for professional affiliations e.g. The Institution of Engineering and Technology
  • Ensure a biography of the presenting author is entered on the final page
  • Click Submit to complete. You will then receive a confirmation email

If we do not receive your full paper by insert deadline date we will assume you no longer wish to participate in the conference and will be removed from the programme.

PowerPoint submission

If you do not want your work published you should submit a PowerPoint presentation.

  • The duration of your speaking slot is 30 minutes. Please allow your presentation to last 25 to 27 minutes with 3 - 5 minutes for Q&A
  • The slides will be loaded onto the session laptop by the organisers prior to the relevant session
  • Authors should bring a copy of their slides on a memory stick with them to the conference as a back up
  • The deadline for submitting presentations is Monday 9 October 2017
  • Please email your final presentation to and clearly state your name and title of your presentation in the email body

If we do not receive your presentation by the deadline date we will assume you no longer wish to participate in the conference and you will be removed from the programme.

Reviewing of a full paper / presentation

All full papers are subject to review by the Technical Programme Committee.

You will receive a confirmation after this review has been completed to confirm your place in the programme.

Presentations are not subject to review by the Technical Programme Committee.

Accepted papers / presentations

Each paper or presentation must have at least one author registered by Monday 09 October 2017, to avoid the work being withdrawn from the conference.

Authors may only register against a maximum of two papers or presentations. Authors presenting more than two must pay the additional paper fee.

Authors submitting a full paper must be present at the conference to present the submission or the paper will not be published.

Each paper or presentation should be the authors’ original work and previously unpublished in the form submitted.

Permission to publish

If you are submitting a paper to GTI 2017, the IET requests authors to return a permission to publish form for the submitted work.

The form must be signed by at least one of the authors.

The form can be uploaded to the submission system at either the abstract or paper submission stages. Alternatively, you can send the completed form to us:

Please insert your paper title and abstract or serial number in the appropriate place, sign and return the form to the event organisers by any of the following methods:

GTI 2017 Organisers
The IET - Event Services
Michael Faraday House
Six Hills Way

Fax: +44 (0)1438 765 659

Authors reserve the following rights:
  • All copyright
  • All proprietary rights, such as patent right

The IET will hold the copyright for the collection of papers, or proceedings.

If the paper is Crown or US Government copyright please email to request the appropriate publishing agreement form.

If the IET does not receive one of the above signed forms, we will be unable to publish the paper in the conference proceedings, INSPEC or IEEE Explore

The IET or other associated societies cannot meet any travelling or subsistence expenses for authors, either prior to or during the conference.