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Gas turbine

GTI 2017

The EVI-GTI Conference on Gas Turbine Instrumentation

28 – 30 November 2017 | NH Barbizon Palace, Amsterdam

CPD 18 hours

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IfTA logo Measurement, analysis, monitoring and protection

Increase the life and efficiency of your gas turbines with proven IfTA products.

IfTA is technology leader when it comes to hardware and software systems for measuring and analyzing dynamic pressure and vibration signals. IfTA systems monitor and prevent combustion dynamics in gas turbines for power generation worldwide and assure that engines are running reliably and efficiently. Further applications range from measurement and analysis on test beds over vibration monitoring to active damping of combustion dynamics and surge control.

During the EVI-GTI Conference, Session 3 “Data acquisition and wireless transmissions” November 28, 2017, 15:20 p.m., IfTA will present the following subject:

“Managing Dynamic Sensor Data from Gas Turbines Operation in the Long-Term”

Analyse in real time and protect machinery with IfTA ArgusOMDS system:

  • Real time analysis with FFT, frequency bands, user defined calculations and more
  • 24/7 longterm data acquisition and storage and overview generation
  • Intuitive software for on- and offline data evaluation
  • Synchronous evaluation of dynamics, vibration and operating data (e.g. Modbus, Profibus, DataSocket or OPC)
  • Triggered data storage and protection shut down for gas turbines
  • Thermoacoustic early warning system IfTA PreCursor for gas turbines to prevent damage especially in can-annular combustion chambers

Prime Photonics logo Prime Photonics will be demonstrating their integrated non-intrusive stress measurement system (nsms) with FOCIS™ blade tip timing and blade tip clearance hardware and sensors.

FOCIS™ timing sensors are used for non-contact blade vibration measurements on rotor blades and blisks/ibrs, flutter and crack detection, while our clearance sensors provide all-optical measurement of casing-to-rotor blade tip clearance.

Superior performance

With 100 mhz sample rates and best-in-class optical amplifier designs, FOCIS™ systems provide superior frequency response and low noise.