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HEVC 2018

The 7th International Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Conference

27 – 28 June 2018 | IET London: Savoy Place

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Technical scope

The conference this year focuses on the challenges of designing and developing hybrid and electric vehicles, and supporting infrastructure, to meet the needs of a wider demographic of drivers as the vehicles become increasingly mainstream.

The HEVC 2018 Organising Committee welcomes papers, on but not limited, to:

Design and development of hybrid and electric vehicles and supporting infrastructure for mass market needs
  • Architectures and target applications
    o ZEVs and ZEV mode operation
    o Extent of hybridisation
    o EVs and autonomous operation

  • Components
    o Batteries and energy storage systems
    o Electrical machines and drives
    o 48V hybrids and ancillaries

  • Manufacturing and scale-up of HEV and EV components and systems
    o Volume, cost and security of supply
    o Uptake and scale of manufacture
    o End of life considerations

  • Optimisation
    o In-vehicle system optimisation
    o Journey optimisation and geofencing

  • Real world use
    o Cost of ownership
    o User perception
    o Real-world benefits

  • EV infrastructure
    o Safety and convenience
    o Managed charging
    o Vehicle-to-grid


(until 30 April 2018)

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Non-member - £650

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