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Radar 2017

International Conference on Radar Systems

23 – 26 October 2017 | Belfast Waterfront Conference Centre, UK


Radar lecture - Free to attend

23 October 2017 | 19:00

Some reflections on the history of radar - Prof. Hugh Griffiths, University College London

The study of the history of radar is a well-worn path, and there are numerous excellent books, television programmes and websites that each cover particular aspects and points of view.

My own interest has developed over many years, and has been fuelled by access to wartime documents from the National Archives in Kew, which have provided a rich source of information.

In this lecture I will cover some topics – on both British and German contributions – that I have been able to work on myself. Specifically:

  • The first radar: Christian Hülsmeyer’s invention in Germany in 1904
  • Chain Home: the first radar air defence system
  • The Bruneval Raid: the analysis of the equipment brought back from the raid, and of the interrogation of the captured German radar operator
  • Klein Heidelberg: a German bistatic air defence system that was decades ahead of its time
  • Operations TAXABLE and GLIMMER: deception operations in support of the D-Day landings
  • BIG BEN: the use of Chain Home to detect V-2 rockets – and hence the first Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) radar

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