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ICRE 2018

The 8th International Conference on Railway Engineering

16 - 17 May 2018 | IET London: Savoy Place

CPD 14 hours IET London: Savoy Place (logo)

Technical scope

Call for abstracts

The technical scope for ICRE 2018 will focus on the following core theme areas.

  • Safety and reliability
  • Infrastructure
  • Train control systems
  • System integration
  • Rolling stock
  • Energy and sustainability
  • Customer experience
  • Emerging technologies

The organising committee are keen to receive abstracts relating to these areas but would also consider any other ideas, research or projects for the application in rail (see topic examples for a few ideas).

Call for ideas

Do you have an idea or case study that doesn’t quite fit the call for papers format or technical scope?

We’re always keen to hear about any new and innovative projects in rail so send a short overview your idea and we’ll take a look.

Topic examples
  • Acoustic and vibration analysis
  • Asset management strategies
  • Big data and high throughput analysis techniques
  • Common safety method
  • Condition monitoring and operational response
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Cyber security
  • Degradation modelling and analysis
  • Electrification
  • EMC approaches and techniques
  • Emerging technologies from other domains
  • Event recording and data logging
  • Future innovations
  • Hardware, communications and data standards from RCM applications
  • Horizontal Innovation
  • Human factors
  • Intelligent Infrastructure
  • Monitoring systems for infrastructure and vehicles
  • Network-wide / whole system approaches to improvement
  • Operational interfaces and control processes
  • Predictive analysis tools and techniques
  • Risk and safety
  • Robotics and autonomous systems
  • Satellite telemetry systems
  • Signalling and telecommunications
  • Standardisation and whole-system approaches
  • State-of-the-art NDT techniques and approaches
  • Traffic management systems
  • Virtual and augmented reality