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Railway Electrification Infrastructure and Systems (REIS)

The 8th IET Professional Development Course

26 – 29 June 2017 | IET London: Savoy Place


About the course

Railway Electrification Infrastructure and Systems (REIS) is a four day course presented by expert lecturers who have worked on railway systems around the world. The course will address complex areas of the design and integration of electrification systems within major projects for new and upgrades of: DC and AC mainline, suburban, metro and tram systems.

It will specifically address system interfaces including electrification, signalling, communications, and traction vehicles. Design tools including system integration, project management and project delivery of large-scale infrastructure projects will be examined. The complex areas of electromagnetic compatibility stray current, permanent way and civil interfaces will also be addressed.


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The course will provide the opportunity to undertake:

  • A case study on London Underground's power system
  • An examination of electric railway systems in common use
  • In depth sessions on EMC and electrical systems integration
  • Information pertaining to sustainability


Attendees will develop technical understanding of the following:

  • Project requirements and specification
  • Electrification system design and integration
  • Current developments in railway electrification infrastructure, for heavy rail, metros and light rail systems
  • Carbon reduction and energy efficiency in electrification design
  • Innovation in electrification design
  • Maintenance of the infrastructure and the life cycle of the electrification systems currently in use on live railway systems
  • State of the art requirements for traction drives
  • Undertake technical visits to some of London’s leading rail sites, which will further enhance your knowledge of the area


Engineering challenges

The past decade has seen a revolution in technology, with the introduction of computer control systems, state of the art traction drives, modern heavy metros, and the widespread implementation of inner city light rail systems. In addition, environmental and sustainability concerns have boosted the credentials of an electrified system.

These railways bring a plethora of engineering challenges, including:

  • 400kV supplies to 25kV railways
  • Auto Transformer fed 25kV railways
  • AC DC interfaces
  • Energy Storage in DC electrification schemes
  • Integration of railway electrical systems and the overhead electrification
  • Regenerative traction control
  • Electrification control systems
  • Auxiliary and plant equipment
  • Passenger communication systems

It is therefore increasingly vital that engineers are able to understand the need for maintenance of the infrastructure and the life cycle of the electrification systems used on the railway.

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