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32nd Satellite Communications Systems Course

25 - 28 September 2017 | IET London: Savoy Place

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The lecture sessions are complemented by a choice of industry-focussed project exercises. You will be able to choose your preference upon registration.

Project A

Payload design
Project presenter: Daryl Jones, Airbus Defence and Space

The project explores the outline design of a satellite communications payload with a simple transponder and the spacecraft antennas.

The exercise is to choose suitable configurations to meet the specification, including mass, gain, G/T, EIRP, linearity, and reliability.

Project B

Earth station design
Project presenter: David Bookham, BDE Space

The task is to design the complete SHF/IF chains of a Ku-Band Satellite earth station.

A variety of technical specifications of equipment, including antennas, will be provided from which the combination can be selected and the station designed.


* The IET reserves the right to withdraw particular projects if there is insufficient demand.


Member - £1700

Non-member - from £1850

Student / retired- £1000

Government / military - £1250