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Robots in Space: The Final Frontier


Young Professionals’ Event 2016

20 October 2016 | IET London: Savoy Place

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Move over R2-D2! Robots in space are no longer just the stuff of science fiction but have become an integral component of space expeditions.


Extreme space environments are dangerous for humans and robots are best suited for exploring the hostile environment of space. Robotic missions can travel further and faster, and can return more scientific data than human missions. Robots have, and will continue to contribute to our comprehension of the Universe.


This lecture will look at the International Space Station's indispensable limb, the robotic Canadarm2 and the ExoMars Rover planned for exploring Mars.


Featured speakers

Abby Hutty (image)  

Abbie Hutty
Senior Spacecraft Structures Engineer
ExoMars Rover Vehicle Team
Airbus Defence and Space

Kristen Facciol (image)  

Kristen Facciol
Operations Engineer
Canadian Space Agency

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18:00 - Registration
18:30 - Lecture commences
20:00 - Networking drinks
21:00 - Close