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#9PercentIsNotEnough Conference and Workshops

Overcoming barriers to inspire, attract, recruit and retain more women in engineering and technology

23 June 2017 | IET Birmingham: Austin Court


Sell-out conference a huge success

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9% (image) The #9PercentIsNotEnough conference and workshops were an opportunity for engineering and HR managers to debate practical solutions to recruiting and retaining more women in engineering and engaging more girls into STEM.

A sold-out event discussed issues including overcoming the recruitment challenge, developing leaders who happen to be women, embedding retention strategies and the role of apprenticeships.

Our attendees said…

"This was the most engaging event I have ever been to."
"The workshop format of the event was really good and allowed me to tailor the day to suit the needs of myself and my employer."
"The whole event was so well organised with well-chosen workshop topics and presenters."
"Great event, looking forward to going for many years to come."

Our attendees learned…

We have a leaky pipeline, not a glass ceiling.

There is no one single reason for the low percentage of women in engineering; there are many contributing factors meaning that a multi-pronged 'attack' is necessary.

More needs to be done to raise the profiles of engineers in society, as in other European countries.

Everybody needs to do whatever they can. It's not somebody else's problem.

The next #9PercentIsNotEnough Conference will take place on Friday 22 June 2018 in Birmingham. Please contact Riad Mannan to see how you can be involved.


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