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AI for better patient outcomes

18 October 2017 | Microsoft Research Lab, Cambridge, UK

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Artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning and machine learning all serve to interpret big data for an end goal. In healthcare, better patient outcomes are the great incentive.

With rapid advances in imaging, monitoring technologies, genome sequencing, etc., the amount of health information being gathered is overwhelming.

Being able to translate it quickly and accurately is vital for predicting the pattern of disease and identifying suitable treatment options for patients.

This exciting conference is essential for clinicians, academics and others already working in healthcare, but also engineers looking to apply their expertise from other industries to this rapidly advancing sector.


Featured speakers

Dr Kenji Takeda  

Dr Kenji Takeda

Director, Azure for Research, Microsoft

  • Dr Raj Jena, Scientific Officer, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Niels Peek, Director, Greater Manchester Connected Health City
  • Dr Timor Kadir, Chief Scientist and Technology Officer, Optellum
  • Dr Tingting Zhu, Computational Health Informatics (CHI) Laboratory, University of Oxford
  • Karl Surmacz, Principal Data Scientist, McLaren Applied 

Who should attend?

  • Clinician
  • Radiologist
  • Medical imaging engineer
  • Medical technician
  • Academic
  • Software engineer / developer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Systems engineer
  • Information engineer
  • Data analyst
  • Computer scientist
  • CTO


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Standard fee - £200

Student or clinician - £100