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This AI life: ensuring our AI future works for us

3 October 2018 | IET London: Savoy Place

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About this event

Robot concept image This is the second annual conference organised by Cooley LLP, Future Intelligence and The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) examining the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on our lives.

The event brings together leading scientists, engineers, opinion formers, politicians, thinkers and the media to discuss the changes that AI technology will offer us and what we need to do to ensure that it works in the best interests of everybody.

The 2017 conference ‘Artificial Intelligence: Living and Working in an AI world’ drew an audience of over 250 people to IET London: Savoy Place to hear presentations from leading AI scientists, such as Bath University’s Professor Joanna Bryson and Justin Lyon of Simudyne, who worked on AI modelling for the Bank of England; leading thinkers on the ramifications of the technology such as the venture capitalist Nathan Benaich; and Anthony Painter, Director of the Action and Research Centre at the Royal Society of Arts.

Speakers also included politicians such as Mary Honeyball, MEP for London, among a number of other academics and thinkers.

AI brain concept image The focus of the conference is a pragmatic assessment of where AI technology is, where it is going, what that means and what we must do to ensure it works to improve people’s lives.

Last year’s conference emphasis on ethics make the conference unique, and the reason that it attracted journalists from leading broadcasters and broadsheets, along with representatives from the House of Lords Select Committee on AI.

Indeed, it prompted the Select Committee to research and produce ‘AI in the UK: Ready, willing and able?’, its latest report into the technology.

It is for this reason that the conference and its associated report and video presents a unique opportunity for individuals and companies in the technology sector to take part in forming the decisions that will shape both their industry and the lives of people in the near future.

Who should attend?

  • AI Engineers
  • AI Practitioners
  • CTOs
  • Data scientists and programmers
  • Legal counsel
  • Politicians and civil servants
  • Technical professionals
  • Venture capitalists and investors in technology
  • Other business owners and professionals interested in AI


Registration is now closed


08:45 - Registration

09:30 - Phase 1 - Opportunities

11:00 - Break

11:30 - Phase 2 - Checks and balances: legal and regulatory

13:00 - Lunch

14:30 - Phase 2 (continued) - Ethics, bias and diversity

15:30 - Phase 3 - Growth and the future

16:10 - Special guest

17:15 - Closing remarks