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Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems

7 - 8 February 2019 | IET London: Savoy Place, UK

IET London: Savoy Place (logo) CPD 16 hours

About the workshop and conference

Cyber security is a progressively complex and challenging topic. With no shortage of incidents from criminals, hackers and nation-states, it is becoming increasingly important for industries to increase their cyber awareness and resilience to ensure that their knowledge and systems match the advanced tactics employed by cyber criminals.

The Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems workshop and conference has been specifically designed to address the key cyber security issues identified by people working in industrial control and SCADA Systems.

The event will show how the latest research and practical solutions currently in commercial use can:

  • Give insights into how the new technologies could provide practical applications for your business' cyber defence
  • Show how companies from different industries are using these innovative methods to solve business continuity challenge and avoid penalties for non-compliance with latest UK and EU regulations
  • Provide learning opportunities with hands-on workshops to benefit from best practice experience and introduce it to your workplace

Defence specific themes will include:

  • Machine-learning in the cyber- domain to increase speed of malware detection and entity classification
  • Algorithms and block chain to allow data visualisation and minimise human error
  • Self-configuring networks and unsupervised machine-learning
  • Quantum computing to defeat complex cyber-attack and strengthen information resilience
  • Internet of Battle Things (IoBT) or Military IoT
  • Intelligent Autonomous Agents for Cyber Defense and Resilience
  • Cyber Vulnerability Investigations of Defence platforms and systems


The conference will examine the most prevalent cyber security issues facing industrial control systems, and provide insights into key practical issues identified by control system experts and operatives.

Day one of the event includes interactive workshops followed by a day of technical conference sessions split across two streams and includes exhibition and networking opportunities.

Speakers at the conference have been drawn from the leading researchers and industry experts in the UK.

The Cyber for ICS stream is to be chaired by:


Mike StJohn-Green - Event chair

Mike is an independent consultant in cyber security, currently working with a range of clients, primarily in the City of London and Europe.

His 39 years working for the UK government included positions at GCHQ and most recently in the Office of Cyber Security and Information Assurance in the Cabinet Office.

Mike also works with the Information Security Forum, which publishes the internationally-recognised Standard of Good Practice.

Our chairman for the Cyber for Defence and Security stream is Brigadier Bruce Wynn.

Bruce has more than 34 years of experience across the Royal Air Force’s communications, computer and information systems fields, embracing the operational, technical and intelligence communities within UK defence, including what would now be called the CTO for Cyber.Since retiring from the RAF, Bruce has served as an external consultant to a number of commercial organisations (from blue-chip/Fortune 100 to SMEs), as well as to government departments, on both sides of the Atlantic.

He focuses on cyber and informatics, including being engaged as a Cyber Advisor to the US Navy’s Office of Naval Research (Global).


Key topics include:

  • Compliance and safety versus security: understanding the balance in the absence of guidance
  • The maturity cycle: retroactively applying up-to-date security controls to legacy components
  • Intelligent system design: building secure products that can handle the evolving nature of cyber threats
  • Increased automation: mitigating against an increased attack / target surface
  • Operational and information technology: understanding the relationship and how it can be improved
  • People and processes: how to provide engineers with skills and tools to do their job
  • Insight into standardisation: creating a bespoke strategy for ICS
  • Cyber detection and defence: understanding where to focus your efforts

Who should attend?

This course would benefit anybody working or studying in information security looking to extend their knowledge and is a must attend event for SCADA engineers, IT professionals and senior directors / management with responsibility over data, networks and control systems.

The course would also benefit any security professionals working outside of industrial control systems as the threats, vulnerabilities and security principles that will be covered are transferable across industries.

Take a look at the programme for more information.

Past attendees said:

"I learned the necessary difference between incident coordination and incident handling"
Thomas Brandstetter, Limes Security

"I found the diversity in the topics presented excellent. The speakers often went to the right level to appeal to the mixed audience and encouraged participants to think about Cyber Security in different ways."

"For anyone involved with control systems design - I think this event is a must."

"I have already recommended the event to colleagues and will hopefully find myself able to attend future events."

"I would recommend it as it is an informative and interesting event. I enjoyed the variety of speakers on multiple topics and different viewpoints."

Sponsors / Exhibitors


Member - £550

Non-member - £700

Student / retired- £235

Government - £199

Vendors / solution providers: £999