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Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems

Secure solutions for cyber-physical systems

7 - 8 February 2018 | IET London: Savoy Place

IET London: Savoy Place (logo) CPD 16 hours


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Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems has been specifically designed to address the key cyber security issues identified by people working in industrial control and SCADA systems.

With talks from leading names at the forefront of cyber security development and in-depth, practical workshops, this is a prime opportunity to bring your knowledge right up to date, address your burning questions to the experts and learn best practice from industry leaders.

In this 2018 video, McAfee’s Chief Scientist, Raj Samani, and Mike StJohn-Green, former governmental cyber security adviser, talk about how you can keep your knowledge up to date and why Cyber Security starts with us. The new edition of this event is planned for February 2019.


Key speakers

Mike StJohn Green (photo)  

Event chair - Mike StJohn-Green

Consultant in cyber security

Raj Samani (photo)  

Keynote speaker - Raj Samani

Chief Scientist & McAfee Fellow, McAfee

Sarabjit Purewal (photo)  

Keynote speaker - Sarabjit Purewal

Head of Operations in the Chemicals sector, Health and Safety Executive

Why attend?

  • Gain key information on the latest best practice guidance and standards: What are the most important security measures to employ within industrial control systems?
  • Get updates on the latest UK government regulations and recommendations: stay informed and compliant
  • Learn how to identify and respond to an attack. How can you mitigate against any potential damage and loss of income / reputation?
  • Learn more about cyber-criminals: Why might you be a target? What different methods can a potential attacker employ to breach your defences?


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