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7 - 8 February 2018 | IET London: Savoy Place

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Raj Samani (photo)  

Raj Samani, Chief Scientist & McAfee Fellow, McAfee, UK

Raj Samani Chief Scientist and McAfee Fellow Raj Samani is a computer security expert working as the Chief Scientist, and McAfee Fellow for cybersecurity firm McAfee. Raj has assisted multiple law enforcement agencies in cybercrime cases, and is special advisor to the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) in The Hague.

Raj has been recognized for his contribution to the computer security industry through numerous awards, including the Infosecurity Europe hall of Fame, Peter Szor award, Intel Achievement Award, among others. Raj is also the co-author of the book 'Applied Cyber Security and the Smart Grid', CSA Guide to Cloud computing, as well as technical editor for numerous other publications.

He can be found on twitter @Raj_Samani.

Sarabjit Purewal (photo)  

Sarabjit Purewal, Head of Operations in the Chemicals sector of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Health and Safety Executive, UK

Sarabjit is Head of Operations in the Chemicals sector of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). He is a chartered engineer, an associate of City and Guilds Institute, and member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Chris Hankin (photo)  

Chris Hankin, Co-Director, Institute for Security Science and Technology

Professor Hankin is a Professor of Computing Science at Imperial College London. He is Co-Director of the College’s Institute for Security Science and Technology. His research is in data analytics and cyber security.

He leads multidisciplinary projects focussed on developing advanced visual analytics and providing better decision support to defend against cyber attacks. He is Director of the NCSC/EPSRC Research Institute on Trustworthy Industrial Control Systems.

He chairs the Academic Resilience and Security Community (Academic RiSC), a network of 30 universities, and serves on the Security and Resilience Growth Partnership oversight group. He is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the IET.

Gilad Bandel (photo)  

Gilad Bandel, VP Products, Radiflow, Israel

In his over 25 years of experience in the cybersecurity and networking industries, Gilad Bandel has held multiple positions in which he was responsible for the conceptualising, development and marketing of cyber protection devices and solutions for OT networks.

Prior to joining Radiflow, Mr. Bandel served as Director of Product Management at CyberSeal, an innovative industrial cyber security provider. After the company’s acquisition he joined Magal Security, providing cybersecurity solutions for critical infrastructure.

Image to follow (image)  

Tony B, Operations Head of CNI Capability and ICS Tech Lead, NCSC, UK

The NCSC was set up in 2016 to help protect UK’s critical services from cyber attacks, manage major incidents, and improve the underlying security of the UK Internet through technological improvement and advice to citizens and organisations.

NCSC supports the most critical organisations in the UK, the wider public sector, industry and SMEs. When incidents do occur, NCSC provides effective incident response to minimise harm to the UK, help with recovery, and learn lessons for the future.

Mark McCormick (photo)  

Mark McCormick, Industrial IT Security Engineering Consultant, Plant Security Services, SIEMENS, UK

Mark has worked at Siemens 19 years, starting with their process instrumentation division, then later as a specialist in network communication, with control system application experience across most industry sectors.

Mark has been a regular presenter on network communication and cyber security for Industrial Control Systems.

He studied Electronic, Control & Systems Engineering at Sheffield University.

Currently working as an Industrial IT Security Engineering Consultant for Siemens Plant Security Services, responsible for leading security assessments, implementing security measures and assisting customers looking for managed security services from Siemens.

Matthew Goldsmith (photo)  

Matthew Goldsmith, Cyber Security Manager, PwC

Matthew joined PwC in May 2011 and leads the national delivery of Game of Threats helping to prepare C-Suite executives recover and respond to cyber attacks .

In addition to the Game of Threats, Matthew focusses on a PwC managed service that helps organisations to manage identity and access.

Matthew delivers cyber security culture and awareness exercises and enjoys helping school children to understand the importance of their own cyber security and data privacy position.

Niko Kalfigkopoulos (photo)  

Niko Kalfigkopoulos, Cyber Security Director, PwC

Niko is a Director within the PwC Cyber Security practice in London, with over 12 years of experience in cyber security, governance, regulatory compliance and risk management.

He has delivered security programmes and projects within large organisations both in the private and public sector.

His area of expertise over the last five years has been in energy and utilities, with a particular focus in smart metering, connected homes and the internet of things.

James Hunt (photo)  

James Hunt, Cyber Security Senior Manager, PwC

James leads PwC’s Public Sector Transport Cyber Security competency and is the firm’s Head Security & Information Risk Advisor (SIRA) under the NCSC’s Cyber Security Services Framework.

He has over 10 years professional experience in leading large teams of highly skilled engineering technicians, cyber analysts and operators located both in the UK and worldwide.

He has developed and implemented information security strategies that deliver business advantage and enabled new ways of secure working.


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