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Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems

Secure solutions for cyber-physical systems

7 - 8 February 2018 | IET London: Savoy Place

IET London: Savoy Place (logo) CPD 16 hours

Workshop programme: 7 February 2018


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Workshop 1: Securing Industrial Control Systems

Security of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) is now a prime focus in today’s leading industrial process automation and factory automation end users. With so much equipment now networked over Ethernet, no longer using niche protocols, and with technical know-how public knowledge, the attack surface has grown.

This workshop aims to provide:

  • Introduction to the current threat landscape of ICS
  • Overview of IEC62443 security standard
  • Overview of the "defense in depth" strategy
  • Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) and security
  • Best practice network security
  • Defense methods such as continuous security event monitoring with SIEM, Whitelisting, Anti-Virus, IDS/IPS, patching (Firmware and OS) and firewalls (perimeter and zone)

Mark McCormick, Industrial IT Security Engineering Consultant, Plant Security Services, Siemens
Ben Murphy, Safety Engineering Consultant, Siemens, UK


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Workshop 2: PwC Game of Threats

Game of Threats is a head-to-head turn-based digital card game which simulates the experience that Executives would face in the midst of a cyber-attack. Players must make quick decisions and assess their readiness to respond to a breach.
PwC’s cyber security experts coach players through realistic cyber-attack scenarios from the perspective of both the organisation and threat actors. Players will be able to explore different strategies in how best to prepare for, respond to, and remediate an attack, or play as the threat actor to gain familiarity with the course of common attack methods and terminology.

What are some of the takeaways?

  • Understanding potential threat actors targeting businesses, and the attack strategies they use
  • Considering the reputational, financial and regulatory impacts of cyber-attacks and breach response
  • Understanding the potential ramifications and remediation options after an attack
  • Discussing what can be done to prevent an attack; and
  • Exploring key terms and topics needed to deal with a real cyber incident and when approving cyber budget

Niko Kalfigkopoulos, Cyber Security Director, PwC
James Hunt, Cyber Security Senior Manager, PwC
Matthew Goldsmith, Cyber Security Manager, PwC


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Workshop 3: ‘Catching the Cuckoo’ – Insider Threat Risks in a Modern Cyber World

Frazer-Nash Consultancy’s interactive workshop will be focusing on the risks of malicious insider attack in organisations like yours. Take the time to work through some scenarios and examples exploring some of the challenges associated with Insider Attack and broader human-centred cyber security considerations.

Dr Georgina Fletcher, Principal Consultant, Frazer-Nash Consultancy


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Programme is correct at time of publication. Topics and speakers are subject to change.

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