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Digitally Built

Digitising Construction across the whole chain

20 – 21 April 2017 | IET London: Savoy Place

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Professor Jeremy Watson (photo) Professor Jeremy Watson, CBE, President of the IET and Chief Scientist at BRE, welcomes you to The IET / BRE Digitising Construction Conference on 20 – 21 April 2017 at the IET London: Savoy Place.

The UK’s BIM strategy is revolutionising the UK construction industry. This two-day conference is designed to give you a comprehensive account of the latest developments and benefits of a digitised construction sector.

Digitally Built and BIM Prospects

Digitising Construction encompasses IET’s Digitally Built and BRE’s BIM Prospects conferences, which will be co-located at IET London: Savoy Place. The synergies in the programmes will provide a complete overall picture of digitising the construction sector.


Featured speakers

  • Tim Broyd, President, Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)
  • Peter Capelhorn, Deputy Chief Executive and Policy Director, Construction Products Association (CPA)
Other key speakers
  • Richard Petrie, Chief Executive Officer, buildingSMART
  • Dale Sinclair, Director of Technical Practice, CIC BIM Champion, AECOM
  • Ross Dentten, Asset Information & Configuration Manager, Crossrail
  • John Eynon, Chair and Director BIM Regions UK, Member UK BIM Alliance

Who should attend?

  • BIM experts
  • Civil and structural engineers
  • Contractors
  • Consultants
  • Architects
  • Surveyors
  • SMEs
  • Clients (owner / operators)
  • Central and Local Government




Set fee at - £249