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Black Start from Distributed Energy Resources

Presentation 1: Distributed Restart: Energy Restoration for tomorrow

The Distributed Restart project is a national innovation (NIC) project funded by Ofgem. It aims to demonstrate a world first by coordinating Distributed Energy Resources (DER) for a bottom-up approach to Black Start.  The presentation will provide an overview of the project and present the progress to date.  This will be followed by a more technical discussion on how Distributed Restart could be implemented on distribution networks in GB, what the main technical considerations are, and how these could be addressed.


Presentation 2: System Restoration using DERs: Challenges and Possibilities

System restoration is currently a transmission-led approach of starting large conventional generators with self-start capability and energising a skeleton network. Increasingly, transmission connected fossil-fuelled generators are decommissioned around the world to meet the emissions targets. This makes it imperative to explore the possibility of using distribution connected DERs to support the whole system restoration.

The presentation focus on the learnings from the Distributed Restart project which looks into the possibility of using 11kV and 33kV connected DERs to restore parts of the distribution network and form distribution restoration zones which can then be expanded to include transmission assets and thereby enable a faster system restoration.


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21 Jan 2021

12:00pm - 1:30pm

Add to Calendar 01/21/2021 12:00 01/21/2021 13:30 Black Start from Distributed Energy Resources This webinar features two presentations on the learnings from the Distributed Restart project which looks into the operational, commercial and communication challenges around system restoration using Distributed Energy Resources. Manchester, UK


Manchester Local Network

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Reasons to attend

•  Learn about the Distributed Restart NIC Project and the progress so far

•  Insight into the operational challenges of Black Start from DERs

•  Overview of system studies and model requirements for the restoration planning process

•  CPD hours on Attendance


Online webinar presented by IET Manchester

United Kingdom


12:00 – 12:05: Opening remark – Dr. Vaheeshan Jeganathan (Secretary, IET Manchester Power Technical Group)

12.05 – 12.35: Presentation 1 – Mr. Dieter Gutschow (Director of Client Strategy and Policy at TNEI Services Ltd)

12.35 – 13.05: Presentation 2 - Dr. Diptargha Chakravorty (Senior Consultant at TNEI Services Ltd)

13.05 – 13.15: Question and Answers - Mr. Dieter Gutschow & Dr. Diptargha Chakravorty

13:15 – 13:20: Closing remark – Paul Mgbeze (Chairman, IET Manchester Power Technical Group)


Free of charge

Free of charge

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