Drone Wars: Protecting Our Critical National Infrastructure (CNI)

Drones in the wrong hands can be adapted to carry a range of payloads; from cameras to explosive devices. 

Metis Aerospace specialise in multi-sensor counter-drone solutions, their technology provides timely, accurate and actionable understanding of UAV activity in a given area.  

The range of sensors and their advanced detection techniques ensure a high probability of interception and a low false-alarm rate across a variety of applications.  

Their SKYPERION solution works to target suspicious UAV activity but its capability to provide an understanding across the whole Radio Frequency Spectrum enables the system to also counter other forms of threatening aerial devices.

Tony Burnell, CEO at METIS Aerospace Ltd.

Metis Aerospace was initially set up in 2011 and began trading in 2013. With his niche experience and expertise acquired whilst serving in the RAF, He initially provided technical support to military organisations.  

In 2014, he formed a company to embark on a research and development programme, which led to the creation and development of HYPERION signals intelligence system.  

SKYPERION, their most in-demand capability, has become a vital solution to counter dangerous UAV activity for a range of applications. It is now possible to determine and manage the presence, whereabouts and threat of a UAV within a given perimeter.

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28 Oct 2022

2:00pm - 3:30pm

Add to Calendar 10/28/2022 14:00 10/28/2022 15:30 Drone Wars: Protecting Our Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) Due to the ready availability of UAVs, or drones, protecting our airports is becoming increasingly problematic.  A rise in the misuse of drones may not only lead to an increase in anti-social behaviour and disruptive behaviour, but an increase in personal injury, breaches of national security and the potential for loss of life. Savoy Pl, London WC2R 0BL, UK


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Tony Burnell, MSc AFRIN

Tony Burnell, MSc AFRIN

CEO - Metis Aerospace Ltd

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