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Durham University: solar racing car

Designing and driving our future


Durham University Solar Car Team is the UK’s longest running team of its kind. Since its founding the team have developed 6 generations of solar-electric racer from design to manufacture; each iteration further pushing the boundaries of technological innovation. Using only the power of the Sun, Durham successfully traversed more than 3000 km across the Australian Outback in the 2023 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. The team has attended many international events, racing in 2008 across North America and five times across Australia from 2011 to 2023. They are competing in the European Solar Challenge for the first time in September 2024.

As a team, they have always recognised their solar car programme is much more than just building a car. Our world is facing an age of unbelievable change and progress; particularly in our climate - with global temperatures continuing to rise, we all must accept responsibility for pushing towards a more sustainable future.

Durham University Solar Car has had an incredible journey so far; developing the next generation of sustainable transport while exploring the world and learning to work and grow as a team. This talk is about their journey, personal and academic development, and the future of Durham’s solar car programme.

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28 Jun 2024 

2:00pm - 3:30pm

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Caitlin Musto

Co-Head of Logistics, Durham University Solar Car Team - Durham University

Caitlin is a 3rd year General Engineering Student at Durham University. She is a key member of the Solar Car Electrical Team, working primarily on the solar array, lights system, and the design and manufacture of the car’s driver interface.


This year she is also working as the Co-Head of Logistics, organising everything from track testing days to motorsport insurance, plus the accommodation, catering, and transport of the team and car for all events.

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Saahil Dhawan

Head of Electrical, Durham University Solar Car Team - Durham University

Saahil Dhawan is a 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering Student at Durham University. Having joined in his 2nd year, he focused on the telemetry system and the design and build of the motor for Durham’s 2023 BWSC campaign; as well as aiding the team in the building of the car’s aerostructure.

This year, he is working as the of Head of Electrical. This role involves managing the electrical sub-team in the adaptation of the team’s 2019 car into a track car, with the aim to attend iESC in September. This aim has also shifted his focus to the development of a new, higher power battery pack to improve its suitability to track conditions.

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If you are interested in how Solar energy is being designed and built into our furture Cars and how developing this technology will aid climate change and support sustainable transport. 


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