ENZ EEG presentation: Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL)

Supported by IET Wellington and South Island Network

Join the Electrical Engineering Group for a Presentation by John Lahiff of GHD on Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL). 

This presentation will introduce airfield ground lighting (AGL) and AGL design. If you are interested in aviation and how airport lighting operates, this will be a good presentation for you to attend. 

The intention of the presentation is to introduce airfield lighting and will provide an understanding of the different components of an AGL 6.6A 5kv series circuit and different technologies used airside.


  • Aerospace
  • Vision and Imaging

12 Apr 2023

5:30pm - 6:30pm

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If you have any enquiries, please contact Chris Lambell at Chris.Lambell@beca.com



John Lahiff, BEng Tech, MEngNZ

John Lahiff, BEng Tech, MEngNZ

GHD on Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL)

John has been in the electrical industry for over 25 years and 14 years in the airfield lighting industry. John has worked for airfield lighting manufacturers, airport authorities and aviation consultants in the role of airfield lighting designer and consultant. 

He has also worked as an airfield lighting trainer and as an airfield lighting installation construction manager. Currently he is the technical director for airfield ground lighting for GHD and based in Auckland with ongoing projects in Auckland Airport, New Zealand, Australia, and Pacific.

Before working in the airfield lighting industry, he trained and worked as an electrician. In the aviation space he has worked for airfield lighting suppliers ADB Safegate in Belgium and Honeywell in Dubai and for his own company Aerodrome Service founded in 2011.




Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Airfield Lighting Introduction: Light Types, 4 C’s of AGL – Configuration, Colour, Candela, and Coverage
  • Airfield Lighting Standards – International, National and compliance to AS/NZS 3000
  • Airfield Lighting Design – Layout of lights, Circuit Load, Approach Profile and PAPI siting calculation
  • Airfield Lighting Power Requirements – Series circuit components, Induction systems and Parallel systems
  • Airfield Lighting Technologies – LED, Tungsten Halogen and Solar



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