IET National Conference

Electrotechnical & Building Safety Competence

The National Conference, delivered virtually across 2 dates, aims to bring experts together, working with or within the electrotechnical sector and in building services/safety related roles with a key focus on individual competence, accountability and continuing professional development (CPD). 

By registering, you will get links for both dates.  If you can’t make one of the dates, you’ll still be able to watch it on-demand afterward.

Our keynote speaker, Dame Judith Hackitt DBE FREng HonFIET, will discuss key points relating to accountability and competence including reference to her post Grenfell report 'Building a Safer Future' (Jun 2019) which identified that the current system of building regulations and fire safety were not fit for purpose and that a culture change is needed to support the delivery of safe buildings. Such system failure allowed a culture of indifference to perpetuate highlighting competence across the system is patchy and processes that drive compliance are weak.

The conference will hear from other speakers including:

  • Sir Julian Young, KBE CB FREng CEng FIET, President, The IET who will discuss the importance of professionalism, ethics and competence.
  • Alasdair Coates BEng (Hons) MSc CEng FICE MCIHT CMIOSH, CEO, The Engineering Council who will discuss the role of the regulator and relevance of standards and contextualisation in high risk buildings.

We will also be joined by employers: Gillian George, Head of Operations, Sanctuary Maintenance Contractors Ltd, who will talk about the challenges of attracting and retaining an engaged and diverse workforce and Alex Gray CEng MIET, Head of Operational Technology, Thames Water, who will highlight why recording and maintaining current competence matters.

Charlie Pugsley, Deputy Assistant Commissioner - Fire Safety, London Fire Brigade and other speakers from government will discuss electrical safety in the private rented and public sector and proportionality.

Throughout the Conference, there will be panel discussions enabling questions to be submitted to the panel of speakers.

IET expert volunteers will also be joining the conference.


National Conference Focus on Individual Competence (Keith Marshall)

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Digital Golden Thread Supporting Competence (Dame Judith Hackitt)

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Employers Voice - Responsibility and Accountability (Keith Marshall)

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How can we assure individual competence? (Dame Judith Hackitt)

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Electricians - What is Competence? (Ryan Dempsey)

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Don't Drive a 2 Tier Competence System (Dame Judith Hackitt)

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Armed Forces - Technical Competence at the Highest Standards (Sir Julian Young)

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Armed Forces - Electrical Skills, Roles and Standards (Sir Julian Young)

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Electricians - A Competent Workforce  (John Peckham)

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Sub Contracting - Ensuring Individual Competence is Monitored (Keith Marshall)

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Changes to Ways Buildings are Procured (Dame Judith Hackitt)

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A Closer Focus on CPD and Lifelong Learning (Dame Judith Hackitt)

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Maintaining Current and Continuing Competence (Keith Marshall)

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Armed Forces - Technicians - Measuring Competence Success (Sir Julian Young)

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Armed Forces - Challenges in Recruiting the Right People at the Right Level (Sir Julian Young)

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Armed Forces - Partnering with the IET and Routes to Professional (Sir Julian Young) Registration

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Recognising a Capable and Diverse Workforce (Ryan Dempsey)

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Investing in Individual Competence (Ryan Dempsey)

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See more interviews

Supportive Employers of Electricians (Ryan Dempsey)

Watch the interview >

Challenges Managing Contracts and Gain Share (Ryan Dempsey)

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Sub-Contracted Work - Individual Competence and Accountability (John Peckham)

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Test Certificates - Non Compliance (John Peckham)

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Personal Competence and Accountability Driving Compliance and Safety (John Peckham)

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IET Electrotechnical Learning and CPD

Chartered Engineer, Graham Kenyon explains how the IET supports those working in electrotechnical roles through its wide range of publications and guides and specialist support to become professionally registered. The IET also offers a wealth of personal development guidance through the IET Academy for online courses/CPD and through close collaboration with industry partners to help with development of practical skills.

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Individual Competence is Critical

Chair of the IET’s Wiring Regulations Policy Committee, Graham Kenyon CEng MIET, highlights just how important individual competence is for electrical works. Reliance on one person in an organisation to assure every individual’s competence is not enough.

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Individual Competence is Critical:

Chris Norris, Director of Policy & Campaigns, National Landlords Association, explains how difficult it can be for landlords to find a competent and trusted electrotechnical person to carry out work in a person’s home.

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Competence Shortfalls

Charlie Pugsley Deputy Assistant Fire Commissioner, London Fire Brigade refers to competence shortfalls within the built environment.

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Fire Safety: Keeping Pace with Innovation

Charlie Pugsley Deputy Assistant Fire Commissioner, London Fire Brigade refers to competence shortfalls within the built environment.

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Competence in Fire Safety and Affordability

Charlie Pugsley, Deputy Assistant Fire Commissioner, London Fire Brigade discusses the speed of innovation compared to the progress of Standards be it fire or electrical safety. Charlie highlights the importance that must be placed on safety with emerging technologies

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Maintaining Current Competence

Senior Engineer, Russell Jobbins, LCGI MCGI EngTech MIET MIEEE FCMI, discusses the important of maintaining individual current competence.

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Adhering to frameworks

Russell Jobbins LCGI MCGI EngTech MIET MIEEE FCMI highlights the importance of adhering to competence frameworks and relevant legislation.

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A Personal Interest In CPD

Senior Engineer, Russell Jobbins LCGI MCGI EngTech MIET MIEEE FCMI , explains why his own interest in recording and maintaining CPD is so important to him throughout his career. Russell emphasises the benefits, as an employer, of supporting his technical staff with their CPD and why the investment in his team is crucial.

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Employer Challenges: Electrotechnical Recruitment

As an employer, Senior Engineer, Russell Jobbins, LCGI MCGI EngTech MIET MIEEE FCMI, discusses some of the challenges with electrotechnical recruitment he faces on a day to day basis.

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Employer Challenges – Recruitment & Retention

As an employer within a large organisation, Alex Gray CEng MIET, discusses the challenges he faces with the recruitment and retention of highly competent electricians and engineers on a daily basis.

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Driving Electrical Interest for Young People & Relevance to Emerging Digital Technologies

Chartered Engineer, Alex Gray, explains why developing awareness and interest with school pupils and other students in electrical work/roles that’s inclusive of a digital wrap around is essential in today’s world of emerging digital technologies. Alex emphasises that careers in the electrotechnical sector needs to be more attractive to young people to enable and grow a pipeline of future engineers.

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Qualifications and monitoring individual competence

As a Senior Electrical Engineer at Sanctuary, Gillian George explains the importance of qualifications and monitoring individual competence.

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Recruiting a Diverse Workforce

Senior Electrical Engineer, Gillian George, emphasises now is the time for the industry, as a collective, to drive more interest for men and women in the electrical sector. Gillian highlights the rationale for role models to encourage more females into the industry.

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Supportive Employers offering Work Experience

Senior Electrical Engineer, Gillian George, explains how her employer Sanctuary take a proactive approach to inspiring women and the next generation into electrical roles through work experience placements. She emphasises it’s never too late to start a new career if you have a supportive employer.

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Individual Competence Matters

John Bromilow CEng FIET explains why individual competence matters particularly for those working in electrical safety critical roles.

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Organisational & Individual Competence

John Bromilow CEng FIET discusses the importance of organisational and individual competence and why both are so important for safety.

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Military: Competence Development

Staff Sgt Lawrence Harrington IEng MIET explains how competence is developed and supported for electricians and engineers.

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Military – Highly Skilled Engineers

Staff Sgt Lawrence Harrington IEng MIET emphasises how the robust training and competence within the military ensuring a highly skilled workforce respected within all sectors.

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Digital Competence Frameworks

Senior Engineer, Debbie Carlton, discusses the relevance of digitalising competence frameworks for those working in electrotechnical and building safety roles.

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Individual Competency Data is Scattered Across Different Systems

Senior Engineer, Debbie Carlton, highlights that currently individual competency data is scattered across a range of varying systems rather than in one system. Debbie offers a view that to ensure transparency around raising the bar of competence we need a digital infrasture to help support this.

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Linking Product to Tasks to Competences

Senior Engineer, Debbie Carlton, explains why linking products to tasks to competences helps organisations employ the right people with the relevant individual competences.

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31 Jan 2022

1:30pm - 4:00pm

Add to Calendar 01/31/2022 13:30 01/31/2022 16:00 IET National Conference The National Conference aims to bring experts together, working with or within the electrotechnical sector and in building services/safety related roles with a key focus on individual competence, accountability and continuing professional development (CPD). London, UK


IET Events

Reasons to attend

  • To share your experience managing competence for your electrotechnical and building services/safety staff including:
    • best practice frameworks or in-house competence models you currently use
    • recruitment and retention challenges
    • monitoring current competence/CPD
  • To raise awareness of the need for a more stringent approach to individual competence monitoring and accountability right across industry
  • To bring your expertise regarding challenges and shortfalls by those undertaking safety critical work
  • To highlight any concerns you have about those working currently in electrotechnical and/or building services/safety roles
  • To drive up professionalism and recognition for those working in electrotechnical and building services/safety roles


Keith Marshall OBE CEng HonFIET FCGI - Independent Consultant and Conference Chair

Keith Marshall OBE CEng HonFIET FCGI - Independent Consultant and Conference Chair

Technical Secretary - Electrotechnical DEG (Discipline Employer Group)

Keith has an honours degree in electrical engineering from Imperial College, London and is an Honorary Fellow of the IET.

His early career was as an Electrical Engineering Officer in the Royal Navy, specialising in conventional submarines. Leaving the Royal Navy he worked as a systems engineer in a defence contract company before joining the Engineering Industry Training Board (EITB). At the EITB Keith led the team that developed the early engineering National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs). He was part of the team that transformed the EITB from a statutory to a non-statutory organisation.

Keith’s next position was as part of the team that set up the Training Standards Council (TSC) the first organisation to inspect the quality of non-Further Education College work-based training providers. As a Senior Inspector he scheduled and led inspections. When the TSC joined with the Further Education Inspectorate to form the Adult Learning Inspectorate (ALI), widening its remit to cover all work-based training, Keith became Director of Inspection with responsibility for planning.

On leaving the ALI Keith was appointed CEO of SummitSkills, the Sector Skills Council for building services engineering covering electrotechnical, heating and ventilation, plumbing, refrigeration and air-conditioning. SummitSkills developed vocational qualifications and apprenticeship frameworks for the sector. He set the organisation up and ran it for ten years, leaving in September 2013.

Keith now works as an independent consultant. He has supported a number of projects developing apprenticeships, predominantly in the building services engineering sector.

In 2013 Keith was appointed as the technical secretary to the employer group developing the new electrotechnical Trailblazer apprenticeship standard and continues in this role on the employer oversight group.

For the last couple of years he has been working with the IET on the development of a mechanism to clearly demonstrate the competence of individual electricians, based around Eng Tech registration.

He was appointed OBE in the Queen’s birthday honours list in 2008 for services to vocational training and in 2013 was awarded Fellowship of the City & Guilds of London Institute

Sir Julian Young KBE CB FREng CEng FIET

Sir Julian Young KBE CB FREng CEng FIET

IET President

Sir Julian Young retired recently from the Royal Air Force (RAF) after 40 years of service as an Engineer Officer.

In his last post, he was Director-General Air within the Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) organization in the Ministry of Defence (MOD).

In this role, he led some 2,265 military and civilian specialists and was responsible for putting to work some £3.7 billion annually on equipping and supporting all of the MOD’s fixed-wing aircraft.

He was concurrently a member of the Air Force Board and the RAF’s Chief Engineer and he had a MOD-wide role as the Defence Engineering Champion.

Throughout his long career, Julian held a variety of in-command, manpower policy, operational, engineering, training, logistics and staff appointments, including Project Team Leader for the Harrier GR7/T10 fleet and on the Support Helicopter Force (Falkland Islands, Cold War Germany and Gulf War I).

Julian’s first degree was in Air Transport Engineering, and he is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

He is also a Governor of Bath College and a Trustee of the RAF Charitable Trust.

He was awarded a KBE in 2020, a CB in 2013 and an OBE in 2000.

Dame Judith Hackitt DBE FREng HonFIET

Dame Judith Hackitt DBE FREng HonFIET

Conference keynote speaker

Dame Judith was appointed as Chair of Make UK (formerly EEF) in April 2016.  She was HSE Chair from October 2007-March 2016. She previously served as a Commissioner between 2002 and 2005.

Dame Judith is a chemical engineer. She worked in the chemicals manufacturing industry for 23 years before joining the Chemical Industries Association in 1998. She became CIA Director General (from 2002-2005) then worked in Brussels for the European Chemical Industry Association (CEFIC).

She was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2010 and is currently a member of the Board of Trustees.  Dame Judith is a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers.

Dame Judith is also Chair of Enginuity (formerly SEMTA), senior NED of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult and a NED of HS2 Ltd.

In August 2017 Dame Judith was asked by DCLG to Chair an Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety and her final report was published in May 2018.

Alasdair Coates BEng(Hons) MSc CEng FICE MCIHT CMIOSH

Alasdair Coates BEng(Hons) MSc CEng FICE MCIHT CMIOSH

CEO - The Engineering Council

Alasdair has more than 40 years’ experience in the planning, design, management and implementation of infrastructure projects both in the UK and Internationally.

His career has focused on both water and transportation projects working predominantly in the consulting sector. Alasdair joined Halcrow Group Ltd in 1987 where he undertook a number of senior roles including Group Board Director, Managing Director Transportation and Regional Managing Director for Europe. In 2011 Halcrow was acquired by CH2MHill.

Alasdair played a key role in the successful integration as the Infrastructure International Operations Director, before joining Network Rail in 2015 as the Route Managing Director, South East.  

Alasdair began his role with the Engineering Council in March 2017, having been a registered Chartered Engineer with the Engineering Council for over 35 years.

He is a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers (FICE), a Member of the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation (CIHT), and Chartered Member of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (CMIOSH).

Alex Gray BEng(Hons) CEng MIET

Alex Gray BEng(Hons) CEng MIET

Head of Operational Technology - Thames Water

Alex is a chartered electrical and control systems engineer. He completed his degree in power engineering. He is now working towards a Ph.D. at Brunel London, which targets the optimisation of a water companies’ wastewater pumping asset base with a focus on energy reduction.

He originally qualified as an electrician, completing an advanced modern apprenticeship, NVQ3 and C&G2391. He has since moved across into the water utility sector, working his way through electrical control systems and into software and automation.

In recent years, he has led large delivery programmes that have involved complex electrical, control and automation upgrades. He now works as Head of Operational Technology at Thames Water which sees him leading the entire automation layer for the largest UK water company.

As an active member of the IET,he currently volunteers as a Professional Registration Advisor and Interviewer (PRA and PRI respectively), as well as sitting on the IET’s Electrician Competence Programme group which looks to improve competence in the electrical space, something he is very passionate about.

Alex has also recently taken the lead, on behalf of the IET, for the building services contextualised discipline annex working group for HRB working with the regulator, the Engineering Council.

Gillian George

Gillian George

Head of Property Services East for Sanctuary - Sanctuary Maintenance Contractors Ltd

Gillian George is a senior manager and Head of Maintenance Operations for Sanctuary. Sanctuary is a social landlord and care provider with more than 105,000 homes in England and Scotland.

She has worked in the construction industry for 25 years mainly in the housing sector and has been at Sanctuary for 8 years, working her way up from Trade Supervisor to her current role, where she oversees more than 200 maintenance staff. Gillian and her teams are responsible for delivering more than 50,000 emergency and routine responsive repairs across several business areas.

Gillian has demonstrated a continuous commitment to learning and professional development and has studied various trades outside of work to build her expertise. She now holds a HNC in Construction, BTec Estimating and Surveying, City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing, City & Guilds level 2, 3 Electrical and NVQ, 2391, AM2.

She is passionate about encouraging women into construction, trades and in particular, the electrical industry. She is currently working with the Women’s Trade Network to encourage women to consider trades for their career and regularly speaks at schools, colleges and other organisations to inspire the next generation.

Gillian is currently re-designing a women’s uniform including women’s work trousers that will eventually be rolled out within the industry.

Dr P W Bonfield OBE FREng BSc MSc PhD CEng FIET

Dr P W Bonfield OBE FREng BSc MSc PhD CEng FIET

Vice Chancellor - Westminster University

IET Past President

Peter Bonfield is Vice Chancellor of Westminster University. As Vice Chancellor, he has responsibility for directing all university activities and developments and statutory reporting duties on behalf of the University to the Office for Students.

Peter was the IET President during 2019-20.  During his presidency, he launched a concordat, which mandated engineering organisations to champion professionalism, ethics and competency across the sector so that professional engineers are trusted by society to do the right thing and are valued for their expertise.

His previous role was as Chief Executive Officer at BRE Group, where he positioned the company as an international leader in building research, including forging a number of high profile research and teaching partnerships with global universities, and ensuring that the organisation operates on a sustainable business model independent of government funding.

Dr Bonfield has worked across many government departments as a non-executive and expert on a wide range of briefs, including chairing four independent reviews for the Government, on Forests and Woodlands, Public Sector Food Procurement, Property Flood Resilience, and Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies.

He was appointed as a Non-Executive Director of UK Government in 2015 assigned to the Department of Food, Environment and Rural Affairs, and to the Talent Advisory Group which looks at the development, recruitment and retention of Civil Servants across England.

Between 2006 and 2012 he was part-time seconded into the Olympic Delivery Authority where he co-created and delivered the Sustainability Strategy and lead on the procurement of construction products.

Eur Ing Graham Kenyon BEng(Hons) CEng MIET TechIOSH

Eur Ing Graham Kenyon BEng(Hons) CEng MIET TechIOSH

Managing Director - G Kenyon Technology Ltd

Managing Director of the consultancy G Kenyon Technology Ltd, Graham is an electrical and systems engineering consultant who established his reputation designing and implementing control and information management systems in the challenging environments presented by world-class construction programmes, chiefly in the airport and rail sectors. His experience encompasses project management, systems and product assurance, electrical and systems engineering, and control room design.

Graham is well versed in standard setting and among his many contributions he chairs the IET’s Wiring Regulations Policy Committee and Sub-Committee D (external influences) of JPEL/64 (BS 7671, Wiring Regulations). He serves as an expert committee member on the CIBSE Electrical Services Group.

As a technical author, Graham has contributed extensively to leading industry guidance publications and training resources, including:

  • IET Guidance Notes: 1 Selection and Erection; 3 Inspection and Testing; 5 Protection Against Electric Shock; 6 Protection Against Overcurrent; and 8 Earthing and Bonding.
  • IET Electrical Installation Design Guide
  • IET Code of practice for electrical energy storage systems
  • IET Code of practice for electric vehicle charging equipment installation
  • IET Academy Course Electric vehicle charging installations
  • The award-winning EDA Electrotechnical Product Knowledge Series (Introduction to the principles of electricity and Wiring devices and controls)
  • Department of Health HTM 06-01 Electrical services supply and distribution.
Charlie Pugsley

Charlie Pugsley

Deputy Assistant Commissioner - Fire Safety - London Fire Brigade

Charlie Pugsley started his career with the London Fire Brigade in 1996, when he joined as a Firefighter. Charlie spent the next 8 years serving at busy fire stations, before training as a Fire Investigator and joining the Fire Investigation Team in 2004.

He has been involved in most of London’s major fire investigations in the last 15 years and in an operational or incident command role, has also attended many large or significant fires. Since 2017, Charlie has undertaken the role of Deputy Assistant Commissioner in Fire Safety.

Charlie has had the privilege of representing the Brigade and the National Fire Chiefs Council in national and international forums for electrical and product safety matters, including the Brigade’s ‘Total Recalls’ campaign which has sought to make white goods safer.   

Nikki Dennis EngTech TMIET

Nikki Dennis EngTech TMIET

Lead Qualifying Supervisor - MITIE

Nikki Dennis is the lead Qualifying Supervisor for a Nationwide Facilities Company. Nikki has held this role for around 9 years and ensures that all the electrical work and certification at various sites in the London, Essex and Kent areas are carried out safely, legally and in line with the necessary standards and procedures.

He supervises and assists around 50 engineers from various backgrounds carrying out electrical work, whilst also completing electrical tasks himself. This work includes a range of different environments such as commercial, industrial and retail spaces along with any associated rental property. Nikki’s work also covers anything from accessories and equipment replacements and minor works in high street shops, to installing large electrical supplies to equipment in warehouses.  He is also responsible for testing and inspection resulting in compliant certification.

Having successfully achieved electrician EngTech registration, Nikki has been volunteering with the IET as a Professional Registration Advisor (PRA).

Nikki has been previously been a technical speaker for the IET’s series of electrical webinars and competence workshops.

Chris Norris

Chris Norris

Director of Policy and Practice - NRLA

Chris Norris is responsible for policy and campaigns at the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA), having held a similar role at the NLA prior to its recent merger.

A private landlord and former letting agent himself, Chris has represented landlords for more than a decade, joining the NLA’s policy team in early 2007.

Before discovering the fun that can be had focussing on the PRS, Chris held a number of inhouse and consultancy public affairs roles focussing on housing, health, and social care.

Michelle Richmond MBE CEng FIET

Michelle Richmond MBE CEng FIET

Director of Membership & Professional Development - The IET

Michelle has an electronics engineering degree from the Southampton Institute of Higher Education (part time). She was employed in 1981 by Siemens Plessey Radar, Isle of Wight as an apprentice and then microwave technician engineer. On completion of her degree, Michelle became Principal Microwave Design Engineer. She was then promoted to Development Manager working on AR327 Military Radar System.

Michelle joined Nokia Huntingdon in 1995 as base station Product Manager. Moved to Matra Marconi Space in Stevenage in 1996 as Antenna Project Manager and later Deputy Project Manager for the Skynet 5 Satellite System. In 2000 joined Ubinetics, a PA Consulting Group technology spin off company, as Programme Manager, working on advanced 3G test platforms and then as Operations Manager. Ubinetics was acquired by Aeroflex in 2005.

Michelle has been the IET Director of Membership & Professional Development since July 2006.

Michelle has also represented the IET on the Engineering Council’s Board of Trustees for six years from 2008 and was reappointed in 2017.  She continues as a member of Engineering Council’s Finance & Remuneration Panel.  Michelle was a member of the IET Council at the time of its formation by the IIE and IEE. 

In 2013 Michelle was asked by Government to co-ordinate the employer group to develop the new electro-technical Trailblazer apprenticeship standard and remains part of the employer oversight group.                      

Michelle was awarded Britain’s ‘Young Woman Engineer of the Year’ in 1990.

She was registered as an IEng for ten years prior to becoming a Chartered Engineer and Fellow in 1999.

In the Queen’s New Year’s Honours list 2019, Michelle was awarded an MBE for services to engineering.


Online event

Any timings will be GMT/BST
United Kingdom

This event will be streamed live and is available to watch online only from any location across the world.


10:00 - Introduction – Conference Chair

Chair, Keith Marshall OBE CEng FIET FCGI

  • Housekeeping
  • Conference outline
  • Journey to EngTech for Electricians
  • A collective voice: driving up professionalism & leading industry safety standards

10:10 - IET President’s Welcome

Sir Julian Young KBE CB FREng CEng FIET

  • IET introduction
  • BS 7671 Wiring Regulations
  • RAF Technicians & Engineers
  • Professionalism, ethics & competence

10:20 - Opening Keynote: Accountability, Competence and Traceability

Dame Judith Hackitt DBE FREng

  • Building a Safer Future
  • A focus on safety, quality and HRB competence
  • Buildings Safety Regulator
  • Improving levels of competence. Ensuring a minimum standard oversees and recognises the individual professional competency of electricians working in HRB

10:35 - Regulating the Engineering Profession

Alasdair Coates BEng(Hons) MSc CEng FICE MCIHT CMIOSH CEO, The Engineering Council

  • Role of the Regulator
  • Standards & Contextualisation (HRB)
  • Recognised Electrician EngTech Standard as a national benchmark of competence for electricians

10:50 - Parliament’s Role for Safe Buildings

11:00 - Q&A Panel with Chair & Speakers

11:30 - Refreshment Break

11:50 - Individual Competence Matters

Alex Gray CEng MIET, Head of Operational Technology, Thames Water

  • About our organisation
  • Benchmarking competence for employers
  • Contextualised competence
  • Maintaining current competence

12:05 - A Positive Impact

Gillian George, Head of Operations, Sanctuary Maintenance Contractors Ltd (SMCL)

  • My journey
  • Addressing the gender balance
  • The need for a recognised qualification scheme for electricians

12:20 - Q&A Panel with Chair & Speakers

12:45 - Lunch

13:30 - Commitment to Competence

Dr Peter Bonfield OBE FREng BSc MSc PhD CEng FIET

  • Why a commitment to competence matters within the electrotechnical sector
  • Competence driven by Concordats
  • Professionalism and public safety

13:45 - Discussion Panel: Keeping People Safe in Buildings

Chair: Graham Kenyon BEng(Hons) CEng MIET TechIOSH

Charlie Pugsley, Deputy Commissioner, London Fire Brigade

Chris Norris, Director, Policy & Campaigns, National Residential Landlords Association

  • Electrical safety for residents/workers in buildings
  • Individual and Organisational Competence
  • Political initiatives
  • Overcoming challenges

14:15 - Electrician EngTech Registered

Nikki Dennis EngTech TMIET

  • About my Organisation
  • Employer Support
  • Why I am Registered
  • Ethics and Professionalism

14:30 - Q&A Panel with Chair & Speakers

14:55 - Call for Action (Michelle Richmond MBE CEng FIET)

  • Collective Voice: National Advisory Board

15:05 - Closing remarks (Chair)

15:30 - Close



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