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Carbon capture utilisation and storage

IET Singapore Network Power and Energy Section Networking Seminar


Unlocking Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) delves into the pivotal role of CCUS in mitigating climate change. The talk explores innovative technologies capturing CO2 emissions from aspects of industrial processes and direct air capture, repurposing CO2 for valuable products like fuels or materials, and securely storing it underground. Highlighting its potential to drastically reduce carbon emissions, the speaker emphasizes collaborative efforts among industries, governments, and researchers to accelerate CCUS deployment. With a focus on sustainability and economic viability, the discussion aims to inspire action towards a low-carbon future while fostering environmental stewardship and innovation.

Sustainable Development
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20 Jun 2024 

6:00pm - 10:00pm

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  • Singapore Local Network

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Feng QIU

The founder of Beijing DERUNCHEN Environmental Protection Technology Co. Ltd.

Feng QIU is an internationally recognized thought leader in the drive towards environmental protection for around 3 decades. He is the founder of Beijing DERUNCHEN Environmental Protection Technology Co. Ltd. 

As an example of the importance of innovation in a changing society, Feng has led some of the pioneering work in techno-economic modelling. He holds several patents for carbon capture technology (DAC & Flue gas) and media, water and wastewater purification for nuclear & electronic industries. Through the implementation of innovative technologies and strategic partnerships with corporations, he has been successful in reducing carbon emissions, minimizing waste generation, conserving natural resources, and facilitating collaborative efforts to achieve sustainable development goals.


Singapore Polytechnic Graduates' Guild, Grand Ballroom

1010 Dover Rd



18.00 – Registration
18.30 – Dinner Networking
19.15 – Tech Talk on Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage presented by Feng QIU 
21.00 – Q & A session
21.30 – Networking Discussions
22.00 – End of programme



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