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Innovation during Crisis: A Frontline Story


A crisis, by definition, stretches resources to the limit, including material, psychological, sociological, ecological and finances. Under duress, technology must be wisely wielded to help support and deal with this multiple-faceted challenge. The current COVID19 pandemic is still teaching us lessons on how to, and how not to utilise resources. Dr Shazi will talk about Innovation Project Management contextualised around the real-life example of designing and fabricating the Coronavirus Mobile Test unit or COMBAT. Focus will be on the engineering design phases to meet challenging medical standards. Lessons learnt will be highlighted including the project communication management of the COMBAT family of medical support systems and solutions. The two main takeaways will revolve around: 

1. Innovation Management in particular frugal innovation in facing crisis due to limited access to resources 

2. Agility in project management for best outcomes, especially in facing such a crisis 

Check out our story in the University of Queensland’s Momentum magazine



20 Oct 2020

3:30pm - 4:30pm

Add to Calendar 10/20/2020 15:30 10/20/2020 16:30 Innovation during Crisis: A Frontline Story It is a collaboration between IET Malaysia and UCSI University. Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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Dr Rahmat Shazi

Dr Rahmat Shazi

Technology Director - ShazInnovation Solution


Dr Shazi is currently the Technology Director for ShazInnovation Solutions, focusing on Social Capital Data Analytics. He oversees the roll out of consultancy services that measures clients’ internal and interorganizational networks effectiveness, the development of those networks in supporting business, firm culture as well as associated interventions. (For more info on this, check out his TEDx talk in Youtube by searching ‘Cablebility’). 

He previously oversaw several Graduate Employability programs, channeling graduates into high value-added industries including Aerospace, Telecommunications, IT and Medical Devices. During the start of the pandemic, he volunteered his expertise to ensure several indigenous medical support devices benefits the public including the Coronavirus Mobile Test unit (COMBAT). He is a member of the Australia-Malaysia Business Council and was the Chairman of the Malaysia Scientific Diaspora from 2013-2014. With this combined Technology, Business and Social Science background, his expertise is acknowledged by higher learning institutions and he is currently on the Industry Advisory Panel of 10 local universities as well as an activist in national education circles through the National STEM Association.


Major Projects & Achievements:

Social Capital Analysis for UMW, Petronas, Siemens (Australia) and 15 other undisclosed clients 

Program Lead for MARA’s Enhanced Employability Program and Selangor’s IKTISASS Aerospace Employment Program 

Consultant for Paradigm Infinitum (Australia) on AAX Communications Network 


CFD work on diesel fuel injectors on Ford’s DIATA engine





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