Integration of electrical powertrains in heavy military vehicles

Derived from experience gained from research on heavy military vehicles this talk will focus generally on the options for electrical powertrains for armoured vehicles and the integration challenges and opportunities that emerge.

The seismic shift towards hybridisation and full electrification of powertrains undertaken by the automotive market over the past 20 years has not yet rippled through the main armoured vehicle fleets of any major nation. Many other technologies characteristically first reach maturity in the military domain before adoption spreads in other sectors, but this is an interesting exception. Although numerous electrified prototypes and demonstrators have been fielded since as far back as the Second World War, penetration of modern electric drive technology is only just ramping up in next-generation military vehicle programmes. The 30-50 year service lifecycle of heavy wheeled and tracked fighting platforms is one contributing factor. Another is uncertainty on the balance between fossil fuels and electric energy storage as a power source.

As we look forward at electric drive as a more common prime mover on the battlefield, the military vehicle domain seeks to exploit all of the benefits realised through mass development and production of mainstream automotive technologies, while addressing challenges specific to military applications and environments. Moving away from the traditional mechanical driveline and internal combustion engine combination allows for significant new paradigms in how vehicles are laid out and used, in addition to improved energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Key technology examples presented include an electric cross-drive transmission, in-wheel electric hub drives, and novel articulated running gear.

About the speaker 

Sebastian Dick is technical lead on future vehicle programmes, delivering analytical and practical research on enhancing the tactical mobility of future wheeled fighting vehicles through novel suspension and running gear, in-wheel electric drive, and advanced control.

Seb has worked on QinetiQ's Hybrid-Electric Drives team for 12 years delivering electric drive programmes for OEM and government customers, having graduated with an MEng in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College.

In addition to his vehicle mobility development experience, Seb specialises in 3D printing and injection moulding. He has designed and printed over 2000 unique components in a dozen materials over the past 6 years.

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18 Jan 2022

7:00pm - 9:00pm

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