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Leading and Developing Successful Teams - e-class

Managing a team of people can be a difficult task. You may have many different personalities who place different constraints on your time and sometimes this may cause conflict. Getting your team to work together to perform, requires a manager who is adaptable in their approach and indeed in how they motivate their staff. This interactive session aims to provide basic hints and tips to address some of these key issues using Bruce Tuckman’s Forming, Storming Norming, Performing model.

Topics covered by this e-class:

  • What is leadership?
  • Team types
  • Motivation
  • Delegation
  • SMART action plans

Course objectives:

  • Identify where your team currently sit within Tuckman's team theory and what your team needs from you as a leader to develop a performing team.
  • Using the information provided, identify 3 ways to motivate individuals within your team

Continuing Professional Development

This event can contribute towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours as part of the IET's CPD monitoring scheme.


16 Nov 2020

1:30pm - 3:00pm

Add to Calendar 11/16/2020 13:30 11/16/2020 15:00 Leading and Developing Successful Teams - e-class This interactive e-class aims to provide basic hints and tips on how to lead and develop successful teams. London, UK


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