Ocean Thermal Energy – Driven Development for Sustainability

The basis of OTEC technology - uses surface seawater that is heated by sunlight while deep seawater, in the dark, is much colder (approx. 5°C). This technology is viable, primarily, in equatorial areas where the year-round temperature differential is at least 20°C (36°F). An OTEC plant works by using warm surface seawater to heat up the ammonia, or some other working fluid that boils at a low temperature, to produce gas/vapour used to drive the turbines needed to produce electricity. The ammonia gas/vapour is then condensed by cold deep seawater pumped up from the ocean depths and the working fluid circulates in a closed cycle to generate energy/electricity for environmental sustainability. Our main objectives are to promote sustainable environment, clean water, clean air (net-zero carbon society) to prevent environmental damages, minimize the source of wastewater and air pollution to maintain a healthy environment. OTEC as a technology which can be used to leverage and up-skill one’s socio-economic level. Besides, OTEC has got huge potential in Asia and ASEAN. Using the temperature gradient between the surface seawater and the deep seawater OTEC can solve all the 17 SDGs - for a better world and of and by mankind.



11 Aug 2021

7:00pm - 8:00pm

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Dr. Sathiabama T. Thirugnana

Dr. Sathiabama T. Thirugnana

Senior Lecturer - Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Ts. Dr. Sathiabama T. Thirugnana is a Senior Lecturer at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and the Director of UTM OTEC. She holds a PhD in Electrical/Electronic Engineering from Waseda University, Japan. Her areas of interest are in renewable energy and Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion. She is the Project Manager of SATREPS OTEC Programme sponsored by JICA, JST and MoE, Malaysia. This 5-years project is supported by the Japanese and Malaysian government for Low Carbon Society. She is passionate about nurturing and bringing the spark of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education into the younger generation. She is actively involved in STEM programs in UTM, schools and NGOs.




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