FIRST LEGO League International Open Championship

21 - 25 June 2017 | Bath, UK

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About the event

Facts about FIRST® LEGO® League 

FIRST® LEGO® League is the largest STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) competition in the world:

  • 255,000+ participants.
  • 32,000 teams worldwide.
  • 32,000 robots.
  • 1,464 events.
  • 88 countries.

The International Open Championship (IOC) was one of the largest and most global events the IET have ever hosted:

  • 90 teams.
  • 35 countries.
  • 650 competing team members ages 9-16 years.
  • 200 coaches and mentors.
  • 300 accompanying family members and supporters.
  • 150 volunteers.
  • 700 local school children, visitors and general public.
  • 1500+ hours of live stream by watched by 8,000 viewers!
  • 101,644 Facebook reaches and 11,745 engagements.
  • 115,600 Twitter impressions and 1, 575 engagements.
  • 809 mentions of hashtag #AnimalAlliesIOC.

“The IET is extremely proud to be the delivery partner for FIRST® LEGO® League in the UK and Ireland, as it aligns with our mission to inspire young people and create the next generation of engineers. It is the world’s biggest STEM competition and we were delighted to host the International Open Championship (IOC) at the University of Bath bringing together students from all over the globe for a truly life-changing experience.

The need for young people with STEM skills has never been greater. Speaking with these students and seeing them take part in FIRST® LEGO® League, is a fantastic reminder of why the IET is working to engineer a better world”

Nigel Fine, Chief Executive of the Institution of Engineering and Technology




"FIRST® LEGO® League is an exceptional program engaging children in the STEM fields. 

I love this program the most though because of all of the other soft skills the children also develop along the way - critical thinking, time management, conflict resolution, public speaking, cooperating with others even though you're competing against them, project management, teamwork skills, and the many research and entrepreneurial skills developed through the annual project. There is NOTHING like it out there and I wish we could expose ALL children around the globe to this amazing program. Events like the International Open Championship help us to do just that!

Where else can children have the opportunity to travel the world and meet children from all different races, cultures, and countries, while joining together in a friendly competition that focuses on and celebrates all the previously mentioned qualities?! Many thanks to the IET for providing this exciting and engaging opportunity to kids all over the world!"

Dave Ellis, Head Core Values Judge

“FIRST® LEGO® League is engineering in action. People talk all the time about how to create the next generation of innovators and engineers, FIRST® LEGO® League just makes it happen!”

Mandy Workman. IET Education Manager, FIRST® LEGO® League




Evaluation report

Download the 31-page FIRST® LEGO® League International Open Championship evaluation report:

Image of PDF logo   IOC Evaluation Report  (10443k)