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Milsatcoms 2018

16th edition of the UK’s leading event for Milsatcom professionals

12 - 13 June 2018 | IET London: Savoy Place


Workshop programme

09:30 - 10:45 - Workshop 1
How can commercial technology be exploited to provide flexible and interoperable satellite communications to augment a hardened milsatcom core for military users?

An overview of the requirements of military end users, with a focus on the need for flexible open systems.

An interactive session, with input from the floor welcomed and encouraged, we’ll discuss various technical, political and economic aspects to the issues of interoperability and reliance on a single equipment platform for the end user.

Attendees will learn about the requirements of the end user from the session leader and fellow attendees, plus ways that this particular issue can be addressed with effective policies, processes and technology to maximize interoperability and reduce the need for multiple equipments.

Rick Greenwood, VP Engineering and Operations CIS Satcom, Airbus Defence and Space, UK

11:00 - 12:30 - Workshop 1 Continuation

A follow up question to the first part of the discussion; once a flexible solution is provided, how can it be secured effectively?

Within the confines of an open, unclassified discussion, the session leader and audience will discuss the issues, challenges and opportunities when approaching the application of cyber and security tools on commercial technology.

Rick Greenwood, VP Engineering and Operations CIS Satcom, Airbus Defence and Space, UK

13:30 - 15:00 - Workshop 2
How cutting edge antenna technology could impact the MilSatcom environment, in particular for COTM

Flat panel antennas are becoming increasingly available and there is much talk of their impending ubiquitous use.

Is there a need in the military environment? What are the advantages and risks? Is the smaller military market being ignored in favour of large scale commercial market?

Dave Davis, MBE, Senior Systems Engineer, VT iDirect

15:30 - 17:00 - Workshop 3

17:00 - Retire to The Savoy Tup for private discussions and networking

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IET Member - One day £400
(£500 including workshop)

Non member - One day £500
(£600 including workshop)

Student‡ - One day £250
(£300 including workshop)

Government/ military - One day £250
(£300 including workshop)

10% Group discount for three delegates or more*

‡ All students must have their applications endorsed by their Professor or Head of Department
*Group discount is not available on student bookings