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PEMD 2018

The 9th International Conference on Power Electronics, Machines and Drives

17 - 19 April 2018 | Liverpool ACC, Liverpool, UK

CPD 18 hours

Technical scope

Theme A - Power electronics

A1 - New power semiconductor devices and their practical application
A2 - High-frequency converters and power supplies
A3 - Novel converter topologies and applications
A4 - Matrix and multi-level converters
A5 - Power converter control and drive circuits
A6 - EMC and power quality
A7 - Thermal management and reliability
A8 - Passive components and sensors
A9 - Converter packaging

Theme B - Machines

B1 - Induction machines
B2 - Synchronous machines
B3 - Reluctance machines
B4 - Permanent magnet machines
B5 - Actuators and linear machines
B6 - Special machines
B7 - Magnetic and insulation materials
B8 - Manufacturing processes

Theme C – Drives and control

C1 - Drive system modelling and efficiency
C2 - Advanced and sensorless machine control
C3 - Fault tolerant drives
C4 - Integrated drives
C5 - Sensors and condition monitoring
C6 - Thermal management

Theme D - Transportation

D1 - Automotive systems (incl. electric, fuel cell, hybrid)
D2 - Aerospace systems
D3 - Rail transportation systems
D4 - Marine propulsion, drives and power systems

Theme E - Energy systems

E1 - Renewable energy systems (incl. distributed generation)
E2 - Energy storage and fuel cells
E4 - Smart grids, FACTS, and micro-grids
E5 - Power electronic converters for transmission and distribution
E6 - Energy efficiency and demand side control
E7 - Power distribution and control




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