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The Real future of energy – will the customer ever be king? (image)

The real future of energy – will the customer ever be king?

The IET President's Address

5 October 2017 | IET London: Savoy Place

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The Real future of energy – will the customer ever be king? (image) Our energy systems have been developed by government and industry over a number of decades with key decisions being made from the top-down over its future operation, delivering great benefits to consumers over a long period of time.

However with the need to decarbonise our energy system being ever more present, consumer voice and consumer choice now play a prominent role in shaping the market, products and services available and may allow the customer to finally be king.

The IET President’s Address will highlight how the challenges these changes will bring, will provide exciting opportunities for our engineers working in the energy sector as the industry must learn to innovate quickly in new products and services, invest in infrastructure and to continually integrate a complex and fast-moving energy system.

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EngTalk showcase companies

will showcase their work on the decarbonisation of heating through the introduction of hydrogen into the gas grid

Ecoisme Limited
showcasing a smart energy monitoring system helping customers optimise their solar and grid energy usage thanks to algorithms of device detection

offer support on energy regulation issues to businesses looking to introduce innovative or significantly different propositions to the energy sector

are European leaders in Communications for Smart Grids, Smart Metering and Smart Cities. Pioneers of BPL: carrying real-time data over powerlines


Featured speaker

Nick Winser (photo)  

Nick Winser

Chair of Energy Systems Catapult and Multiple Sclerosis Society and Non-Executive Director at Kier Group

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