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Innovation and Technology – Art or Science?

IET EngTalks: Future Computing
Inspired by the life and work of

Alan Turing

19 – 22 February 2018 | London, Glasgow, Manchester, Belfast

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Andy Harter (photo) Technology is moving faster than it has ever done before. Since the days of Alan Turing we’ve seen computers go from the size of a room to something that can fit easily in our pockets.

Innovation is at the heart of this progress and crucial to unlocking the future, but how do we continue to push the boundaries of what is achievable?

In Dr Andy Harter’s talk: “Innovation and Technology – Art or Science?” he will examine the role of “art” in engineering and technology, including not only form and beauty but also craft, design, skill, invention and intuition. Dr Harter will draw on his expertise and experiences and ask if we could do more to appreciate and promote the importance of “art” as a feature on the interdisciplinary landscape.

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EngTalk showcase companies

SoundBender is a hybrid system combining phased transducers’ array and acoustic metamaterials in order to dynamically manipulate self-bending beams applied for acoustic levitation and tactile feedback around an obstacle.

Are You Looking at Me? Transferring Social Skills from Humans to Robots is an open source and machine learning deployment platform that helps data scientists add intelligence to organisations


Turing speaker 2018

Andy Harter (photo)  

Dr Andy Harter

Dr Andy Harter is a computer scientist, innovator and entrepreneur, responsible for VNC software – a remote access technology that today is on over a billion devices, on more different kinds of computer than any other application and an official part of the internet.

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