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Fast Forward: Transforming Transport


Young Professionals’ Event 2018

18 August 2018 | PSB Academy, City Campus, Singapore

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Fast Forward: Transforming Transport

What's it all about?

Macauley Versey (image)
Macauley Versey

Engineering student, HYPED team member

We’re travelling by road, rail, air and sea… what’s next? Learn more about a proposed ‘fifth mode of transport’, the Hyperloop, from a student who has been closely researching and working with the technology.

YP Event about (image) Macauley Versey is part of a team of student engineers that has been competing in SpaceX Hyperloop competitions.

The competitions are all about getting students and companies thinking about the Hyperloop, exploring the possibilities and exchanging ideas. As part of the competition, Macualey’s team has been developing prototype ‘pods’, which could carry passengers at speeds of over 700mph!

YP Event about (image) In his talk, Macauley will kick off with some background on the Hyperloop system, its champion Elon Musk, and related technologies including the maglev and aero train.

He’ll give us an insight into what it’s like to compete in the SpaceX Hyperloop competitions and what his team are learning from it.

We’ll also hear his thoughts on what’s next for his team and for the Hyperloop system.

Arvind Easwaran (image)
Arvind Easwaran
School of Computer Science & Engineering and Energy Research Institute, Nanyang Technological University

Arvind’s talk will give an overview of various projects related to autonomous vehicles that are being undertaken in Nanyang Technological University (NTU). These projects are supported by and in collaboration with several partners from across the globe including the Government of Singapore, local companies in Singapore such as SMRT and JTC, and multi-national companies such as Volvo, BlueSolutions, BMW, 2getthere and Navya.

A wide range of technologies are being deployed in NTU through these projects including flash charging, first/last mile connectivity solutions, autonomous vehicles and testing infrastructure for their evaluation and certification.

Arvind will also talk us through some of the key technical challenges that arise in building safety assurance cases for these next generation transport solutions, particularly autonomous vehicles. For example, what are the challenges in the safety certification of a machine learning based collision avoidance system in an autonomous vehicle?

Through several motivating examples, he will present some of these technical challenges that are at the forefront of research and innovation in this domain.


18:00 - Registration, food and networking
19:00 - Main talks
21:00 - Networking
22:00 - Close

All timings are Singapore Time (SGT)

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