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Young Professionals’ Event 2018

18 August 2018 | PSB Academy, City Campus, Singapore

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Macauley Versey (image)  

Macauley Versey

Engineering student, HYPED team member

Macauley Versey is a fourth year Mechanical and Electrical Engineering undergraduate at The University of Edinburgh.

He joined HYPED in its second year as the Chief Braking Engineer, designing a magnetic power redundant braking system.

This year, Macauley is responsible for the “Dynamic Team”, the portion of the technical team which designs and builds the propulsion, levitation, stability, rolling and braking systems.

In September, Macauley will become the President of HYPED whilst he completes his undergraduate degree.

Hyped (image) HYPED was set up at The University of Edinburgh in 2015 with 15 members. They competed in the first SpaceX pod design competition for the Hyperloop and won an award for their passenger embark system.

The team rapidly grew to 50+ members, and with more backing from sponsors, they were able to expand. In the second year of HYPED, a commercial team was started to research a potential Edinburgh to London route, which would be entered into the Hyperloop One Global Challenge.

The technical side of the team began to design and build their first prototype, to be entered into the second SpaceX pod competition. In August 2017, HYPED's commercial team was awarded as one of 10 winners of the Hyperloop Global Challenge.

The prototype, affectionately known as "Poddy", was built and made it over to Hawthorne, California to SpaceX HQ. Unfortunately Poddy had some software complications and was unable to compete. This year, HYPED’s third, the new prototype “Poddy II” is more ambitious than the first and is due to compete in July at SpaceX’s third Hyperloop competition.

Arvind Easwaran (image)

Arvind Easwaran

Assistant Professor and Cluster Director, Energy Research Institute (ERI@N)

Arvind Easwaran is an Assistant Professor in the School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE) and Cluster Director for the Future Mobility Solutions (Autonomous Vehicles) programme at the Energy Research Institute (ERI@N) in Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore.

He received a PhD degree in Information and Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania, USA, in 2008.

Prior to joining NTU in 2013, he has been a Scientist at the Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Portugal and at Honeywell Aerospace, USA.

He has been selected as a Distinguished Speaker by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) for the period 2018-2020. He is currently leading research projects on topics related to cyber-physical systems including real-time scheduling theory for mixed-criticality systems, resilient cyber-infrastructure for smart manufacturing and decentralised algorithm design for smart electricity meters.

His research interests are in the design and analysis of cyber-physical and real-time systems.


18:00 - Registration, food and networking
19:00 - Main talks
21:00 - Networking
22:00 - Close

All timings are Singapore Time (SGT)

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