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Manufacturing and AI - potential and practicality

27 Jun 2024 /  
3:00pm - 4:00pm
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The surge in generative AI has heightened public awareness of this technology, frequently accompanied by concerns regarding potential job displacement.

This webinar aims to dispel misconceptions surrounding the subject, explaining how Artificial Intelligence techniques have been, currently are, and will continue to be applied within the realm of manufacturing.

The goal is to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the benefits associated with the adoption of AI in manufacturing.

The webinar seeks to demystify the intricacies of AI, rendering the topic accessible to engineers in manufacturing at all career stages. By doing so, it will underscore that the content presented is not only timely but also relevant and pragmatic for those in the field.


Design and Manufacturing
Artificial Intelligence


Continuing Professional Development

This event can contribute towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours as part of the IET's CPD monitoring scheme.

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27 Jun 2024 

3:00pm - 4:00pm

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Lars Buttler

Co-founder of the AI Foundation and Reality Defender®

Lars Buttler is a leader in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution, best known for his groundbreaking work in responsible AI. As co-founder of the AI Foundation and Reality Defender®, he has played a critical role in advancing foundational AI and addressing the societal impacts of AI's widespread adoption.

Dr. Buttler is also the Chairman of Madison Sandhill, investing in AI, robotics, space exploration, and sustainable technologies. Earlier in his career, Lars launched Europe's first intelligent car service and led leveraged buyouts for the Carlyle Group. He co-founded Trion Worlds, the acclaimed publisher of video games with advanced AI in award winning titles like RIFT® and Trove®.

Dr. Buttler has appeared as a New-Breed Keynote Speaker at the prestigious Allen & Co. Sun Valley conference alongside Sam Altman and Alex Karp. He is a Director at IP3 and has served as Chairman of BENS' US National Technology & Innovation Council. Lars earned a Ph.D. in Engineering under the supervision of Paul I. Barton at MIT and an MBA from Harvard Business School. 

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Dr Akeel Attar

CEO & founder - XpertRule Software

CEO & founder of XpertRule Software & visiting professor at the AMRC

Akeel is an AI veteran and thought leader with 40 Years of experience in leading technical teams developing AI software platforms, implementing AI solutions, and delivering consulting services relating to Intelligent Automation, Decision Intelligence, Rules Automation, Machine Learning, and resource optimisation to blue-chip clients world-wide.

Akeel and his team have delivered AI and Decision Intelligence solutions to world-wide clients in the Manufacturing, Financial services, Telcos, Oil & Gas, Retail, Process and Public sectors. Clients include Diageo, BP, Rolls Royce, NASA, Nestle, P&G, Schlumberger, RWE, Kodak, Wartsila, Hosokawa-Alpine (Uk-Germany), GE Capital, Lloyds Bank, Aviva, Meiji (Japan), Renaissance Capital (Russia), Chase Bank, Marisa (Brazil), Teledata (Brazil), Australian Tax Office, New Zealand Social security, AOL, SFR (France).

Akeel has developed and patented a number of composite AI solutions for the performance monitoring, improvement, and control of continuous manufacturing processes such as powder processing, steel making and chemical reactors. These solutions combine Machine learning, fuzzy logic, rules automation and Genetic algorithm optimisation.

Akeel has extensive experience in many applications of AI including:

·         Conversational AI for complex technical support and customer service (problem resolution, advice and the selling of complex products).

·         Automating risk & performance assessment

·         Hybrid resource optimisation combining genetic algorithms and heuristic planning rules to solve large-scale resource optimisation tasks.

·         The processing of natural language documents and communications using Gen AI/ LLM with Decision Intelligence rail guards.

·         Decision Augmentation to upskill / multi skills workers.



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