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Sustainable accelerators

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There are significant numbers of industrial, medical, and scientific facilities in the UK and around the world that design, build and operate particle, laser and plasma driven accelerator sources. These all face the challenge of Net Zero and ensuring they are designed and operated to optimise their environmental sustainability.

This workshop aims to discuss how the accelerator community is developing best practices to ensure environmental sustainability is central to their life cycle and how they can be used to help in the drive to Net Zero.

**Call for Posters**

Throughout the day a room will be available for the display of posters based on the subject of sustainability as applied to all aspects of accelerators and their lifecycle.

Posters are welcome from all engineering disciplines and all levels of experience. Students, graduates and technicians are particularly invited to promote and explain how their work has or will help to improve the environmental sustainability of accelerators. 

Please note we are offering free attendance for all poster presenters.


Particle Accelerators


Continuing Professional Development

This event can contribute towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours as part of the IET's CPD monitoring scheme.

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23 May 2024 

9:00am - 5:00pm

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Dr Denise Völker

Head of Sustainability - DESY

Denise Völker learned the love of nature collecting herbs and mushrooms deep in the Thuringian Forest with her grandparents. Shortly before the end of the East German regime, her teacher gave her a certificate with the following message: “In some countries, even a sharp tongue is considered unlawful possession of a weapon.” At DESY, the political scientist, who has a PhD, has been successfully using this tongue since 2019 to bring about a sustainable transformation.

Dominique Tallentire

Mechanical Design Engineer - STFC

Dominique started as a graduate mechanical engineer at STFC in 2020 and works in the STFC Technology Department.

During this time she has worked on the ATLAS upgrade project which involved design work but mainly undertaking testing to facilitate the development of a robotic stave insertion mechanism, to be shipped to CERN later this year. 

In 2022 Dominique started work on the ASPIRE project, in which we are designing, building and testing a green ammonia demonstrator plant on site at RAL.

Alongside this SHE has been working on the REACT project. REACT is researching a method for decarbonising heating on site at RAL through recycling the waste heat generated by ISIS and combining this with input from ground source heat pumps. This was a three month feasibility study which was complete in 2023. Funding from ISIS 2 has allowed Dominique to continue work on this project.

Dr Michael Warner

Director - The Space Vault

Dr Michael Warner is curator and owner of the Space Vault Exhibition, part of one of the UK's largest private collections of artifacts from the history of human space exploration.  Michael’s day job is Director of a consultancy firm working on policy in the offshore wind sector.   The Collection, and the current Space Vault Exhibition, is what Michael’s wife calls his ‘worryingly extensive hobby’.     The Collection includes artifacts brought back to Earth from the lunar surface, deep space and low-Earth orbit, covering the Apollo, Space Shuttle and Soviet era space programs, the International Space Station and SpaceX.

Oliver Poynton

Vacuum Engineer - ASTeC, Daresbury Lab

Oliver is a Vacuum Engineer working at ASTeC, Daresbury Lab. He is currently working on PIP-II and the LHC High Luminosity project. He is a founding member of SPADE when it started as a graduate project.

Samantha Fedorenko

Graduate Mechanical Design Engineer - ISI Design Division

A graduate mechanical design engineer for ISIS Design Division who joined SPADE in Phase 2 in April '23, mostly involved in improving and developing the DfM pages of the site.

Jim Clarke

Director of ASTeC - STFC Daresbury

Jim is the Director of ASTeC. He has actively worked on numerous types of particle accelerator including synchrotrons, storage rings, linacs, energy recovery linacs, and fixed field alternating gradient accelerators. The prime focus of his career has been light sources of various types but he has also made contributions to particle physics colliders, neutrino factories, and industrial accelerators. He also has considerable breadth of expertise in key accelerator systems such as magnets, undulators, diagnostics, electron and positron sources, FELs, and beam dynamics. He has given more than forty invited talks and lectures at conferences, workshops, and schools on a wide variety of topics and has written two text books.​​​​

Dr Sarah Connors

Earth Observation Applications Engineer (Oceans) - ESA Climate Change Initiative

Sarah manages the sea level, sea level budget closure, sea state and sea surface temperature and ocean colour projects within the ESA Climate Change Initiative. Formerly she worked at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change PCC as the Head of Science Team for the Working Group I Technical Support Unit. Before that, I was Science-Policy Fellow at the European Geosciences Union and, before that, a PhD student researching methane emissions estimation at a high spatial resolution in the UK.

Jo Colwell

Environmental Sustainability Programme Director - STFC

For the majority of my career I’ve worked in the civil service and local government. In Scotland, I led the Sustainable Development Commission developed work programme, worked on sustainability and social rented housing. Within Oxford City Council I delivered, the first city based Citizen Assembly on Climate Change.

I am a Fellow of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA)

I lead the Environmental Sustainability team within STFC, my responsibilities include the long-term strategic planning and implementation programme, projects, policies and initiatives to improve STFC’s sustainability agenda and meet our ambitious commitments for carbon reduction. STFC is aiming to be a leader in environmental sustainability agenda for our sector.

Steve Gallimore

ISIS’ Design division - UKRI-STFC, Rutherford Appleton Lab

Stephen is a Chartered mechanical engineer who has spent his career doing engineering on and technical project management for spallation neutron sources, primarily the ISIS pulsed neutron and muon source at UKRI-STFC’s Rutherford Appleton Lab. He currently is group leader for the target design group, within ISIS’ Design division and is also the project manager for ISIS-II.

Matti Laitinen

Research Manager - ABB Motion

Matti Laitinen has 30 years’ experience in product and technology development for industries. Today he manages research in Motion, one of four ABB Business Areas. 

Reasons to attend


Please use the various registration links below to register.


Please be aware that photographs may be taken during this event.


You can find more information about the venue including directions on the conference center's website.


There are 60 parking spaces available at the venue. A parking pass form will need to completed prior to arrival, shown to the guards and displayed on the car’s dashboard.


Magali Vaissiere Conference Centre

Fermi Ave

OX11 0FD
United Kingdom


Please note this programme is subject to change.

09:00 Arrival, Registration and Coffee
09:30 Welcome and Opening Talk
Jo Colwell, STFC
09:45 Session 1: Future Facilities
The impact of environmental sustainability when evaluating their full lifecycle.
  • Steve Gallimore, STFC RAL - ISIS-II
  • Dr Denise Völker, DESY - Sustainable achievements, challenges, and opportunities for an organisation like DESY
  • Björn Eldvall, ESS - ESS Sustainability Program (working title)
  • Ben Shepherd, AsTeC - Relativistic Ultrafast Electron Diffraction (RUEDI)
11:05 Coffee Break, Poster Session and Group Photograph
11:35 Session 2: Efficiency
Optimising, reducing, reusing, adapting, improving. How sustainability has been used to lower the carbon footprint.
  • Dominique Tallentire, STFC Technology - REACT: Recycling Energy from Accelerators
  • Matti Laitinen, ABB - The significant role of electric motor drives in energy saving
  • Prof. Graeme Burt, Lancaster University - High Efficiency RF for future accelerators
  • Dr. Michael Warner, The Space Vault - ESA Conference Centre Exhibition Talk
12:45 Lunch and Poster Session
13:45 Session 3: Sustainability Skills and Knowledge
Equipping engineers and scientists to embed sustainability in all aspects of their work.
  • Oliver Poynton, STFC - SPADE, (Sustainability Principles and Advice for Design and Engineering)
  • Martin Farley, MRC - Sustainability of Laboratories and Science Facilities
  • Jim Clarke, STFC Daresbury - CESA, Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Accelerators
  • Jamie O’Hare, Elekta - Developing more sustainable accelerators: challenges and opportunities in MedTech
15:10 Coffee Break and Poster Session
15:40 Invited Talks:
  • Dr Kristin Lohwasser, Sheffield University - Sustainable HEP: the transition to a sustainable future in the fields of high energy physics (HEP), cosmology and astro-particle physics (APP).
  • Dr Sarah Connors, ESA - ESA’s Climate Change initiative: ESA’s European Centre for Space Applications and Telecommunications (ECSAT) located at Harwell is the home of the ESA’s climate office. The climate office coordinates ESA’s climate change initiative, which enables the transformation of satellite observations that is advancing global efforts to tackle the climate crisis.
16:50 Wrap up, feedback and poster prizes.
17:00 Event end




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